Tharushi and Chanaka

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How We Met

We met when we were teenagers training at the local swimming club. Ours was not a story about love at first sight. In fact, we were not interested in each other at all when we met (even though he insists that he had a thing for me for a long, long time). Then for some reason I cannot remember now, we started talking and soon enough, we ended up talking to each other every single day. Just 8 days in, I was falling for this man head over heels. There was something – a connection we could not deny – between us. It was inevitable that we eventually decided we wanted to be more than just friends. In November 2011, we started dating officially and exclusively. Since then, we have watched each other grow from being young swimmers to being a strong couple that love each other beyond anything and everything. Things were not always easy. We had our ups and downs, and life got more complicated than we expected…but we always stuck by each other through whatever came our way. We grew up and grew stronger together, and our love only grew right along with us for six whole years.

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how they asked

We were going to celebrate our 6th anniversary by driving down to the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, but on the day of our anniversary, a huge cyclone unexpectedly hit the coast, making us reschedule our plans. Two weeks later, we were on our way to this “resort” he had apparently booked for the two of us when all of a sudden upon reaching the hotel, he drove right past it saying that we aren’t going to stay there after all. He informed me with a knowing wink that the surprises start now (Surprise #1). We kept driving till we reached the pier in Mirissa Bay. He made me get down saying we could check out the view, as well as the boats and yachts anchored there. He then left me standing on the deck of Jade, a beautiful and elegant yacht, saying he’d be back instantly. I was caught up watching the sea view when he walked out with two glasses and a bottle of wine, announcing Surprise #2, that we are going on a sunset cruise!

From that moment on, a chain of surprises followed one after the other. After our sunset cruise and impromptu swim, he surprised me again (Surprise #3) saying that he had actually booked the entire yacht for the two of us and we were spending the night on board! After a change, as we cruised by a small island the yacht intended to anchor, fireworks lit up the night sky, and he whispered in my ear, “Surprise number four.” I was speechless and finally began to realize the amount of thought and effort he had given for this perfect anniversary of ours. Surprise #5 was a romantic candlelit dinner set up on deck under the starry sky. It was the best dinner I had ever experienced, and he had personally handpicked everything, starting from the menu right down to the candles that lit up the setting. I was over the moon. I could not imagine a better night than one shared with him drinking wine under the starlit sky on a deck surrounded by the serene ocean. At midnight, Surprise #6 came in the form of floating lanterns, and we had so much fun, like little kids, sending those up into the sky.

Waking up the next day felt surreal and dreamy that I had to pinch myself. It had been one magical night. The sound of the anchor being raised woke me, and he instructed me, very strictly, that I was to stay below deck and get dressed in the outfit that was again handpicked by him. I had a sneaking suspicion that he might have arranged for a couple’s photoshoot like we had planned to have ages ago. So I got dressed and he came to escort me upstairs to the deck where we were greeted by the photographer just as I had expected, who then instructed us to ignore him and let him take candid pictures of us. So I did exactly that. I was looking out at the beautiful sunrise with Chanaka standing behind me, when I turned around to find him down on one knee, holding a beautiful ring, and smiling up at me. Surprise #7 had me in shock! I honestly did not see it coming. I was beyond excited and said “Yes” the moment he popped the question. There was no doubt about it. I knew he was the man for me – the one who would move mountains and walk through oceans just to put a smile on my face.

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He was it for me, the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with. The chain of surprises ended on a high note with us whale watching on the yacht, as fiancé and fiancée. Not only did he make the proposal meaningful and memorable, but it brought to light just how much he truly understood me. I’m lucky to be loved by a good man who has always made loving me a priority. I am beyond ecstatic to take the steps towards building our future together and there’s nothing more reassuring or enriching than to know that he would be standing by me through every step in the way.

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Special Thanks

Arosha Fernando
 | Photographer
Sail Lanka
 | Arranged everything with the Yacht