Thao and Chris

How they Met

Hi, I’m Chewie! This may NOT be my engagement story. But I was apart of it and witnessed the whole event, so who better to tell the story than ME.

My humans met 14 years ago, WAY before I was even born. They’re what most would call High School Sweethearts. They survived a 3 hr long-distance relationship during undergrad and knew that there was no one else they would want to spend their lives with. In 2014 I was rescued and started my adventure with them, aka my pawrents. We’ve been inseparable ever since. Everywhere they go, I go too; it’s our family motto.

So, what took so long, you might ask… LIFE. My pawrents were busy with Medical School up until last year. So now, that chapter has ended, they’re excited to start a new chapter and taking their relationship to the next stage.

My human dad said he knew 5 months into dating that human mom was “THE ONE”. I knew she was “THE ONE” when I first met her.

Proposal Ideas Emerald Lake Lodge, Canada

How They Asked

Human dad and I have been planning this proposal since early this year. Keeping a secret from human mom was more difficult than we thought, but we did it.

Find the perfect ring= Done, Ask her parents for permission= Done, Finding the perfect place and way to do it= Done, Making it happen=Priceless.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Emerald Lake Lodge, Canada

We planned for a trip to Canada, human mom knew of the trip but minor itinerary details were all taken care of by human dad. We flew into Calgary and did a mini 3-hour road trip to Emerald Lake Lodge, this was the magical place where it happened.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Emerald Lake Lodge, Canada

Saturday, December 7th, human dad told mom to get ready “We’re gonna go for a little walk around the lodge then have a nice dinner”. Red flags were going off in human mom’s head and she thought to herself….”this must be it… I think he’s gonna propose”. The trail was breathtaking, something one would see in postcards and paintings but truly unreal to the human eyes. Two hours into the hike and it DIDN’T happen, human mom was over it. She was hangry and tired and wanted nothing more than to get back to our room and take a nap. This was human dad’s plan all along.

After a quick bite to eat and a little nap, human dad suggested going down to the lodge’s s’ more night event. Human mom sucked it up and decided to be a team player and attend (she was still a little sad from the hike and how the engagement didn’t happen). I was hanging out with the lobby crew so they could have a nice time by the fire… or so she thought.

My pawrents sat by the fire with hot chocolate in their hands enjoying the wonderful view of the lake all to themselves. No one else attended the “event” because it wasn’t really an event. It was all set up by human dad with the help of the Emerald Lake Lodge Crew. There were candles lit all around them, with some rose petals ever so effortlessly scattered around them. After about 30 minutes of really taking in the moment and chatting about how much they really loved the lodge, their first slow song came on “Let me love you” by Mario.

This was my cue to join them. I came walking in with small twinkling lights wrapped around me and a note on my fanny pack that said: “open me”. Human mom was so shocked when she saw me (I tend to have this effect on most people when they see me) she picked me up and inside my fanny pack was a letter, written by a human dad. The human mom lost it and was immediately in tears while she held me reading the letter. By the time she turned around to find human dad’s eyes, he was down on one knee with a square box in his hands.


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