10+ Amazing Thanksgiving Proposal Ideas

Just as the crisp fall air sets in and the leaves are in full color, the season of change makes us really consider the important things in life. Thanksgiving is the perfect fall opportunity to pop the question in a way your sweetheart will never forget!

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If you have any personal holiday traditions, definitely include those when you pop the question! Whether you want all your loved ones together for the holiday or if you’d rather propose privately, we have plenty of ideas to help you propose on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone knows the best part of Thanksgiving is the family dinner! When everyone you love is gathered around, have each person at the table say what they are thankful for. On your turn, take a moment to tell your love why you are thankful for him or her, and then get down on one knee to propose.


If you’re looking for a unique way to propose on Thanksgiving, consider making use of the classic cornucopia table centerpiece! Just say you’re making the centerpiece for this year’s dinner, and fill it with sentimental keepsakes from your relationship. Ticket stubs, love letters, and small gifts are all great things to include! Place the ring box at the bottom of the cornucopia, and when it’s found, you’ll know it’s time to ask the question.

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Nearly every city has a Thanksgiving Day Parade, and they’re always fun to attend! Depending on the size of your town and their requirements for parade involvement, you may be able to surprise your partner with a very special parade float. Borrow or rent a flat trailer to decorate, and make sure you know where on the parade float your loved one be waiting! Seeing the words “Will you marry me?” on a parade float is a surefire way to sweep someone off their feet.

Pumpkin patch

This is the season of pumpkin spice everything, so why not embrace it? Take a day trip to your local pumpkin patch for a cute photo shoot and to get a Thanksgiving pumpkin! While you both look around for the perfect pumpkin, say you found it, and have the ring sitting on it. For added cuteness, try to find a pumpkin shaped ring box!

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Thankfulness video

If you can’t have your whole family together for your Thanksgiving proposal, prepare a video ahead of time with everyone you love talking about what they’re thankful for. Choose a romantic song special to your relationship for the background noise, reminisce about important moments between the two of you, and share everything you’re thankful for in your relationship. As the video ends, give your partner a great big hug, kneel down, and pop the question!

Tree lighting ceremonies

We know, we know, it’s only Thanksgiving. But this is the time that many cities light their town tree, and it’s a recipe for instant romance! Make a date out of it, bring some hot chocolate (or a pumpkin spice latte!), and right as the lights come on, pop the question.

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Farmer’s market

A small local farmer’s market is the perfect place for a surprise proposal. They’ll never see it coming, and vendors will be happy to help with your plan. As you’re choosing fruits and vegetables to make the best Thanksgiving dinner, get down on one knee with a bouquet of flowers and a ring your honey is sure to love.

As with all proposals, make sure you have a photographer or videographer there to capture your engagement. Most of all, don’t forget to personalize your proposal as much as possible. No matter how you plan to pop the question, you’ll both have one more thing to be thankful for this year!