Thamyres and Marcos

Thamyres and Marcos's Engagement in Punta Cana Beach - Dominican Republic

How We Met

Thamyres and Marcos first met in 2013 after giving each other a match on Tinder app.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Punta Cana Beach - Dominican Republic

The nearest they were, stronger was their love. He was crazy enough to ask her to follow him in an incredible journey through the world. She was crazy enough to accept it.

Thamyres's Proposal in Punta Cana Beach - Dominican Republic

Thamyres means the universe for Marcos, he would not be able to dream and have goals in life if she were not his girl, his lover, his friend and his woman.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Punta Cana Beach - Dominican Republic

You know what? Call it Magic.

how they asked

In October 28th of 2015, during a travel to Punta Cana, Marcos asked Thamyres to marry him.

It took long 8 months to plan, reach, collect and edit all the videos from those who are important to them, from family and friends to some famous brazilian personalities.

They all agreed to participate of this video just by saying “Thamyres, say YES to Marcos/Yago/Tui”. The couple even received a message from Cold play, their favorite band! Check the link bellow!

Right before asking her, he leaves the scene and an iPad is delivered in her hands.

There, she plays a video where Marcos pretends to be in the bathroom about to make a Face-time call to everyone in Brazil who matters for them.

Families, best friends from both sides, singers, actors, soccer hosts and TV celebrities are part of the proposal! Isn’t it the cutest thing on Earth???

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