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How We Met: Who knew that the most inspiring forum for romance would involve water and dirt? That’s right, Ceramic Design II A apparently contains potent elements of love. Allie and I met the fall of 2010 enrolled in this latent labyrinth of love…

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Our story is truly one that displays God’s provisioning and direction. When we look back, we joyfully witness God’s hands, as if physically moving ourselves and events and circumstances around like chess pieces until it all finally came together. This means naturally, that a way had to be prepared. Perhaps we had all of the right elements already, but no road yet existed for us to walk down and find each other. God had to do this for us.

So indeed, we met that fall and ironically, as if being dualistically named, we also fell. However, being both withheld by life’s cruel timing, it was not at this moment that we could begin dating. That aside, it did not stop it from being the BEST class I ever took (not for academic purposes no doubt).

There was never a time where we were formally introduced, but I find that suiting to our love, as if there was no beginning, it just always was. Life had instructed me enough that when I first saw Allison, we both smiled bright, and I genuinely knew she had to be it.

We sat at a large table with seven other students, the two of us being on opposite ends. The smiles were shared throughout the entirety of the class, not many intentionally directed words, but much was felt. My favorite observation from Allie, as she looks retrospectively, is from the time when I looked up and smiled at her (of course I did this a lot and knew exactly what I was up to). She says she “about died!” when I did that (very flattering!). I also remember the first thoughts I ever had about Allison. They were literally “she has got the most adorable thing I have ever seen!” Guilty I’m sure on more than one occasion of saying that audibly in class as well.

We often love to look back and enjoy all of the moments of unspoken romantic tension. There was certainly a kinetic force existing between us, but again, I had to bide my time until we both had a real opportunity.

The class ended and during Christmas break I went on a fraternity ski trip. It had been a while since I had last thought about the girl that was “out of my league” and “just out of reach,” but one night out of the blue, she was a quick flash of a face in my dream. I specifically remember waking up that morning and saying, “Allie Fisher,” as I shook my head in awe.

There she was, in my head again and until I got back to school she filled my every conscious and unconscious thought.

I don’t believe any of this exists coincidentally. There are too many moments of specifically arranged thoughts that led us together.

As lame as it sounds the exact day (moments before leaving) I took off for Waco, Facebook of all things reminded me again I now had full clearance, and “all things are a go” for my pursuit!!! As I was leaving I remember saying to my mom (who was of course aware of this mythical beauty) “If it’s the last thing I do on this earth, I’M GONNA GET THAT GIRL.”

Beginning the new semester I was helping Professor Karl Umlauf whom I worked for, organize his rosters. As we were going through his classes, it was almost as no surprise to me to discover the sweetest face I had ever seen on the list. I almost expected it! This would be the perfect opportunity for me to woo her unknowingly (though I was shamelessly obvious and cared not to disguise my forward advances… It was game time).

That first class was perfect. As Karl oriented the beginning students, Allison and I whispered back and forth, with myself flirting overtly as described above.

Now I am a respectful student, and being an advanced painting student, I took class a great deal seriously. When Karl spoke to me during his lecture to convey some inside observation between the two of us, of course this would happen to be the one and only time I wasn’t paying attention! The whole class caught a glimpse of my flirting before I came to, and responded to Karl.

After the class, I was about to explain to Karl my intentions and before I could even get it out he said, “Oh I knew what you were up to… She’s a very pretty girl!”

After that class, Allie and I communicated on Facebook (as formal as it gets, I know), mostly me trying to turn “oh I’m helping you with painting class” into “why yes Chris I would love to go on a date with you!” Or at least, warm up to the idea….

It wasn’t long before the trials of shallow-electronic interactions wore on my confidence and I wasn’t sure if I was actually doing well at all! Deciding to disregard my worries and stop moping around, I made plans to ask Allie to a fraternity rush event. It was a date-required event and quite formal; again, the perfect ruse to turn obligation into sincere pursuit.

At this point, I was a very independent student, not required to attend much class, so the day I asked her, I really had no other need or intention of Texas Marriage Proposalbeing there. Still, backpack in hand, I went to class as casually as possible.

I walked up to Allie at her easel as I had done many times before (ignoring everyone else around her I’m sure communicated my intentionality) and began to ease into the subject. The funniest observation I have from this time was Allison, playing it cool, kept painting as we chatted. Very soon though, I noticed how she was just moving her brush around the edges of the canvas with no paint on it at all…

I asked her, and she said yes, but I couldn’t quite tell if she really meant it? Going home I sent her a message saying, “Sorry if that was weird, I basically just came to class to ask you that… blah blah blah…” I was worried! What if I had just pressured this sweet girl into a date?

My insecurities haunted me all day, and as it was rush season, I had fourteen hours of rushee interviews to help me forget it! *sarcasm*

Again, lamer than lame, but as it was our only means of communication, I checked Facebook every second of every hour for some shred of reassurance that she was at all interested and that I had not acted with arrogance in asking! When I finally saw a response, my heart raced and I got very excited and also a little bit nervous…shocking combo! She was so sweet, telling me I had not “weirded” her out and “oh so casually” slipped her number into the mix, saying “so you won’t have to come all the way up to the art building to talk to me…”

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Allie Fisher used a pickup line, I repeat she used a pickup line.

It was so awesome and instilled all of the unhealthy amounts of confidence that once filled my chest.

Kappa Sigma Koffee night was here. I was so pumped to finally get some real one-on-one time with the girl that had mesmerized me for half a year since day one. I am serious when I say I could not have imagined a date going better in a whole lifetime of imagining one. By far the best date I had ever been on, hands down, no contest, the end. I must admit God blessed us both with an added dose of charm that night!

After the event I said to Allie, “Now we are at a fork in the road, I can take you home and have no more fun, or you can go with me to Sonic and keep having fun…” I would like to think that we are all here now because I asked that question. Definitely the best Sonic ever consumed, though there was little to no nutritional value.

So many details of this night confirmed my every suspicion of potential since I first saw Allie. Too many details to share, too many to really remember, it was also so mind-blowing.

After Sonic I took Allie home, using the excuse of “I want to protect you from any wild ninjas” to walk her to the door (an obvious threat). On the way into the building, knowing that she was what I had been looking for, for so long, I once again filled up with a shameless amount of confidence and Russell charm. I said “so I guess this is where you ask me out on a second date…” Like I said, shameless.

Texas Marriage ProposalWho can blame me? I knew exactly what I wanted, what God had put in front of me, and I went for it. All along I was garbed with the declaration I had told my mom earlier that year.

I would like to say that it was as easy as that, and that we are at the end of this lovely journey, but ALAS, this is not the case.

With no reference to my smooth words or attentive actions, this was just not the time she said “yes.” See, regardless of my best behavior, she explained to me that she had just left a pre-existing relationship and wanted to give me the respect she said I deserved and her full attention or commitment. I smiled, and hugged her saying, “Of course, I understand. I’ll just have to keep asking you every day until you are ready.”

Returning home, I tried to remain positive, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!” running through my head… Praying that night, I felt certain that all I needed was two weeks (rarely am I cocky, but I felt this was divinely endowed).

Although she said now was not opportune, we did everything a dating couple would after that night except say we were dating! And sure enough, two weeks to the day, I had my first official date with my mythical and elusive beauty.

Now there are of course, a myriad of tiny details within the above-described timeframe, but again too many to account for and too many for you to read! However, they all helped to establish an unbelievable feeling.

In fact, exactly two weeks after our first date, on February 26th, 2011, I told her I loved her! God indeed blessed me with situations that taught me wisdom and what I needed in a woman, so it was so clear to me when I first saw Allison.

We were tested and tried much as a couple during our first year together. There was school (if you know anything about art classes you will understand what I mean), we were both in Greek organizations, and were at times separated by many miles for long periods of time. The point being, we were forced to mature as a couple in a very short time. I am so thankful to God for providing tough times like that so we could be where we are today with such a firm foundation. Many times we look back and see what God taught us and provided for us in so many incredible ways.

how they asked: When I was in New York City for six weeks last summer of ‘11, I began planning the engagement. Now it had always been the plan for me to go to school, go to grad school, get a job, and then after all of that… get married. But (I love this quote) my parents say that when they met Allie, “All of that changed.”

However… I conveniently forgot to mention the afore-stated addendum of the Russell marriage agreement to Allison. So, as any other upstanding, faithful, Christ-seeking man would do, I kept feeding the lies; all the while planning an engagement I hoped would demonstrate how much she deserved (though none be enough).

Spring of ‘12 rolled around and I decided operation “pop the question” needed commencement. I called Mr. and Mrs. Fisher and they graciously agreed to meet me for dinner at the Hyde Park Bar and Grill in Austin. This clandestine trip was only the first of many, as I would come to find out in the next few months.

There I asked Mr. Fisher for his beautiful daughter’s hand in marriage.

This was it! We were all so excited to finally talk openly of my grandiose plans for the future! Julie (Mom) did the best thing, and hardest, I could have ever asked of her: keep it a secret! I am so proud and thankful for her and accept full responsibility for such demands!

In this abridged version of the very complex web of lies I wove and schemed to both plan and execute this most auspicious of events, you will learn of the many secret miles I drove to do so. First there was driving to Austin to secure the perfect venue with Tanya from Clink (highly recommended by the way). Then there must have been close to ten drives to Dallas and back to design the ring and select just the right stone.

Let’s just say too many phone calls with Allie occurred during that time. She thought I was diligently working away at my studio when I was in Dallas making the very ring she was to be wed with!

One time I even described an entire evening to her that didn’t even happen! It was a nice evening too! But I had to be as careful as possible. I wanted the surprise to be the best one she had ever received.

Under the ruse of Easter weekend with the Fishers, and a first year anniversary date on the way down, I put on my best suit with a ring in the chest pocket and we took off on April 6, 2012.

After all of this, I could barely contain my excitement! I even remember chuckling to myself as I drove down the highway next to my most precious gift.

The poor girl got very hungry on the way down and a little grumpy to which I texted Julie (Mom), “She’s a little cranky and I’m thinking to myself, ‘girl you don’t even know!’” Sorry Allie if you didn’t want me to share that… (What? It’s endearing!)

At Les San Michele in Buda, Texas I had our families and friends waiting for our arrival. We got out once there and walked to the garden, our backs to the beautiful Tuscan style villa. Before she knew it, our families snuck out behind us and I said, “Let’s look at the pretty house!” to turn her around. Surprise! Everyone’s here!

Texas Marriage Proposal

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Chris and Allison Texas Proposal (8)

There I gave the best words I knew how to declare God’s blessings in our love before our families. Finally asking her to marry me: she said yes!

Again, there must be a billion things that have gone unrecorded here, but I hope to not have been remiss of displaying God’s bountiful blessings by giving us to each other. There are countless elements in our lives that needed to be in just the right order for this to occur and how wonderful it is to look back and see how He did it.

Chris and Allison Texas Proposal (5)

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Chris and Allison Texas Proposal (8)

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Texas Marriage Proposal

Texas Marriage Proposal

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Photography by: Daniel C Photography
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