Tevis and Patrick

Image 1 of Tevis and Patrick

Patrick and I had been dating long distance for a little over a year, I finished college in December 2014 and moved to Grand Junction, Colorado in January 2015 to be with him. When the weather started getting warmer, we decided we wanted to go on a camping trip with a couple of our closest friends, who also happen to be family. As our trip got closer and closer, the weather got worse and worse. We still decided to go and his cousin Joe and his wife, Makayla were still going with us. We were in Glade Park, only about an hour from town. We got there Friday afternoon and just enjoyed each other’s company, meanwhile it started snowing (in May)! The next day we went for a drive just to take in the view and all the snow. We got to one spot and his cousin asked us if we would take a picture of him and his wife, of course we said yes. We got out of the truck and took their picture, Makayla then said she wanted to take a picture of us in the same spot, so we traded places. The only difference being that Makayla is very in to photography and is amazing at it! She took a couple pictures of us and I thought we were done so I started to walk away. I turned around and realized Patrick was on one knee! He told me some beautiful words and then brought out the box and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! He had planned this whole trip for this purpose and had Makayla there to take pictures so we could have this moment documented for the rest of our lives. It was the perfect proposal for both of us. And the snow made for a beautiful backdrop!