Tessy and James

How We Met

James and I originally met in the 3rd grade when he transferred in the middle of the year. He sat near me and we quickly became friends. We liked each other in the 6th grade, but nothing ever came about it since we were so young…and I was too shy! Then 8th grade came along and we quickly became “best friends” again. The only problem was he ended up falling in love with me! He wrote me a letter at the end of 8th grade claiming his love for me. I ended up balling to my mother because I was upset my “best friend was in love with me.” We were on and off all throughout high school. Like all high schoolers, we were young and foolish. We finally decided to give it “one more shot”  senior year of high school…and we ended up dating 5 years and 11 months!

how they asked

December 9th, 2017 was a day like any other (or so I thought). Since my now fiancé, doesn’t work saturdays he asked me to spend the entire day with him. I was excited and said yes! I got there in the morning and we made breakfast for me. This was not out of the ordinary because he always makes breakfast for me when we have the time! He kept calling it “the day of the princess!” I thought it was cute and sweet. We were busy during the day. I knew he had a date in the evening planned, but we were busy doing things around his house before then. I did his dishes, vacuumed, and other home-y things while he was outside working. I should mention it was snowing this day, but it wasn’t sticking to the ground, but boy was the scenery pretty! It was around 6pm when we left for our date. He was taking me to Reston Town Center to ice skate! I thought it was so romantic with the snow and it being Christmas time! We skated for about an hour and then we decided we’d walk around. The town was decorated with pretty Christmas lights, there was a gigantic Christmas tree in the center of the town, and beautiful Christmas decorations all over. We walked down this alley way and it the trees were covered in twinkling lights with beautiful snow all over the tree ma and ground. He told me he wanted a photo of me so I walked over to the spot he wanted me to stand. When I turned around James was on one knee asking me to be his wife! It was the BIGGEST surprise of my life!!! I, of course, said YES!