Tessa and Koty

How We Met

Koty and I met one September 2011 when we were freshmen at Berea College. We had the same class & advisor. He introduced himself while we were on a break from class. Later that day, he approached me in the cafeteria. Little did I know, that the entire basketball team dared him to get my number…it’s safe to say he did get my phone number. However, I did not know about the dare until a couple years later! We ended up getting to know each other and we have been together ever since! He is my absolute best friend.

Tessa and Koty's Engagement in Ober Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Proposal Ideas Ober Gatlinburg, Tennessee

how they asked

It was Christmas 2013 and Koty and his family traveled to Tennessee to spend Christmas with my family and I. We hosted them and had a wonderful family brunch and exchanged gifts at my grandparent’s house. While there, we decided that we should all meet up in Pigeon Forge (where Koty and his family were on a Christmas trip) the next day. December 29, 2013, came and we all met up for lunch at Olive Garden. Koty seemed a little distant that day but I didn’t think much about it. After lunch, we all decided that we should take a trip up to Ober, Gatlinburg.

Once we arrived at Ober, we got tickets for the chairlift. While we were in line for the chairlift, Koty’s sister asked me to go to the ladies room with her so I did. Once we returned back to the chairlift line, everyone was gone. Lexy and I rode the chairlift by ourselves to the top of the mountain. When we got to the top, Koty was waiting for me. He asked me to come with him. We walked around the corner and there stood all of our family holding up bright pink and blue signs that said “Will You Marry and?” Koty got down on one knee and I sobbed so hard I could barely get “YES!” out! It was the happiest moment!

We got married on July 11, 2015, and it was perfect! We are so happy and now we have a beautiful almost 18-month-old daughter!