Tessa and Josiah

Tessa and Josiah's Engagement in Backyard

How We Met

Josiah and I met our sophomore year of high school. I remember always crushing on him, the super athletic and cute boy, in middle school when we didn’t even really know each other yet. I always joke about that, looking at where we are now. In the summer of 2014, we started hanging out with our friend group and became friends with crushes. Before we knew it I went over to his house one September evening and he asked me out with some baseballs in the back of his truck that spelled out “date me?”. I also vaguely remember our friends saying we would get married one day on the very first day we started dating. We haven’t looked back ever since. Five years later and the rest is truly history.

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How They Asked

My birthday had been the Monday previous to this weekend. It was a Friday, and we both had gone back home from our college to our hometown for the weekend. That day, my best friend took me to get my nails done because I had gone with her to get hers done for her birthday (in September) so she said it only be fair that she take me to do mine. I thought nothing of it. Later that day, Josiah told me that he wanted us to go somewhere fancy to dinner that night – to celebrate my birthday, and to be at his house by 7. I got ready and headed over. As soon as I pulled into the drive I see Josiah, dressed so sharp, walk to my car from behind his house holding a clear umbrella. It had been raining all day, and it was just starting to sprinkle again (looking back, this was such a romantic touch). He tells me he has a surprise for me in the backyard and that I don’t need any of my things. I was suspicious of a birthday surprise, but didn’t know what I had coming. He takes my hand and we head to the back of the house together. As I turn the corner, I see lights strung out between trees, a fire burning, pretty music playing, and letters spelling out “marry me” on top of the backyard mantle. You guessed it, here’s when I started sobbing.

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Tessa's Proposal in Backyard

There was truly no way to explain how I felt in that moment other than the purest happiness I think I have ever felt. We stood there for a minute together, looking at one another, smiling, sort of like “Did this really just happen?!??”

After we took a moment, he pointed up to the glass windows that are in his house facing the backyard. The lights in his house turned on and both of our families are smiling, crying, shouting with joy. This night was one of the best surprises. Ever.

To top that off, I said something about how I had to tell all of my friend the great news.

Turns out they were already on their way over to celebrate with us.

We are so grateful for this amazing night that we got to have with one another. Our friends and family celebrating with us made this even more special and memorable. We could not contain our emotions or excitement – and we cannot wait to get MARRIED!

Special Thanks

Lindsey McClennahan
 | Photographer