Tessa and Jim

How We Met

Jim and I met at a dive bar in New York City in 2001. It doesn’t get any more romantic, or any more New York than that. We connected instantly over a love of music, 80’s movies and where to find the best wings in the city.

Image 1 of Tessa and Jim

how they asked

Last year on my birthday, Jim surprised me by showing up at my office with flowers in hand, wearing a suit. I didn’t think anything other than “Wow, what a sweet birthday surprise”, as he whisked me out of the office and onto a tour of our favorite places in the city. We grabbed drinks at a few neighborhood spots, and on the walk to my birthday dinner, he suggested we cut through Washington Square Park for a photo. Our first apartment together was just one block away and we had a lot of great memories together at the park. As I got closer to the Arch, I noticed he had slowed down and was behind me. When I turned around he was down on one knee proposing.

What I didn’t know about that day was that Jim had been filming himself getting ready all day, and he even secretly taped my surprise when he showed up at the office, and even the moment he asked me to be his wife. A year later, he’s turned the story of that day into the most precious music video to celebrate our love, featuring the sweetest love song he wrote for his upcoming album. Marrying a musician has it’s perks.

Image 2 of Tessa and Jim

Our Video