Tessa and Jelmer

How We Met

For the first time, I tried to use Tinder. It was for fun.. just to try it out. But I never thought I would meet my future husband. When we where a match (he was my first match), we started talking. For the minute we were in contact, there was this click. We kept on talking for hours. After a couple of days, we exchanged phone numbers. After two weeks we decided to meet up. We met in a beautiful little town. We went for a walk first to get to know each other. But we were only 10 minutes away and it started raining. So we decided to go to a restaurant to have dinner. During dinner, we noticed that we had so much in common. We talked the whole night and didn’t want to say goodbye. We both knew that this first date wasn’t our last date…

How They Asked

I was having lunch with a friend. After lunch we went to some shops and then she drove to my parents’ house. We just moved there because our new home is being built. I opened the door of my parents’ house. When I walked into the living room I saw a balloon on the table with a letter. Behind the table, there was a strange man, the videographer. I was shocked! I wasn’t expecting anything.

Proposal Ideas Soesterduinen @The Netherlands

I read the letter. In the letter Jelmer wrote that it would be a special day. I got some time to dress nice and then step into the car. After I read the letter, Jelmer’s sister walked in. I was so happy to see her because I was so nervous. She was my driver for the rest of the day. First, we drove to the place we first met. There was another balloon with a letter.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Soesterduinen @The Netherlands

In this letter, Jelmer wrote to go to the restaurant we first ate. On the exact same table as on our first date, there was another balloon. When we sat down, I read the letter. Jelmer reminded me about this first date. It felt so good already. We talked for hours back then. When I finished reading the letter, the waiter came to serve me and Jelmer’s sister a cocktail. We love to drink pina colada together so I really enjoyed the drink. Me and Jelmer’s sister sat down for half an hour, drinking our cocktail and talked.

Where to Propose in Soesterduinen @The Netherlands

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Soesterduinen @The Netherlands

After the restaurant, we went to the car again. I had no idea where we were going and when I was going to see Jelmer. After some time I knew where we were going. We were going to Ikea. Our second date (and third, and fourth) were there. Jelmer just moved to his own place. Because I was living close to the Ikea, it was fun to go together and get him new furniture. We had so much fun in that shop back then. We played games, laughed and talked. And above all; we kissed for the first time in the carpark. So that was where the fourth balloon was.

After this letter, we went to our new house. Although, we went to the construction site. When we were close, I really had the feeling Jelmer would be there. So I was really nervous. When we arrived, there was another balloon. Jelmer was nowhere.. In this letter Jelmer wrote how he is looking forward to our life in this house. We can’t wait until it is finished and we can live there! But no Jelmer yet, so back in the car again.. After this place, I really had no idea where we would go next.

After some kilometers, I started to recognize where we were going. We went to the beautiful place ‘The Soesterduinen’ (dunes). That place is close to my work. We love to come there, to go hiking, talking and watch beautiful sunsets. But I never thought about this place during my proposal. When we came close I saw Jelmer’s car and another balloon. In the balloon, Jelmer said what this place means to us and that he is there. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

I had to bring all the balloons and walked up to the sand dunes. In the middle of the dunes, there is a beautiful tree. I was on my way. When I turned around the corner, I saw the most beautiful picture ever. Jelmer was standing in front of the tree. The tree was lit up, there were lanterns and little flags. It was beautiful! When I came closer I saw all the pillows, blankets and photographs. It was very personal, perfect for us.

When I came closer Jelmer said how much he loves me and wants to be with me for the rest of our lives. And then….

He popped the question! I said YES! of course. I was crying because it was so special! After this moment we enjoyed the sunset and each other for the rest of the evening. There were a lot of stars up in the sky. It was beautiful!

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