Tessa and Gerrit

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How We Met

I never imagined that attending law school was how I’d find true love. I moved 1,000 miles away from home to pursue my juris doctor degree in Minnesota. The first time I saw Gerrit, I was a first-year student who was eagerly studying in the library when this gorgeous guy came walking down an aisle. Gerrit was a second-year law student at the time. He gave me butterflies in the pit of my stomach! From that point on, every time I would spot Gerrit at school he gave me this unforgettable “feeling.” Over the next several months, we continuously crossed paths and simultaneously scoped out the law library in hopes of sitting close beside one another. After we officially met, I immediately realized that fate had sent me to this faraway and unknown state to locate the love of my life: my Minnesota soul mate.

how they asked

On August 28th, the love of my life, Gerrit, surprised me with the very best day of my life when he asked me to be his wife. Gerrit and his parents conspired a plan to pretend that they’d won a boat ride on Lake Minnetonka during a golf tournament raffle. Due to the fact that I figure everything out and always manage to ruin my own surprises, they performed a little reverse psychology on me. On the eve of our engagement, Gerrit’s parents pulled me aside and told me that they wanted to give Gerrit and me a boat ride as a gift.

The “plan” was that the three of us would surprise Gerrit with the gift the next evening before we all attended dinner together at one of our favorite waterfront restaurants. The following day on our way to “dinner,” we collectively surprised Gerrit with the boat excursion; he acted absolutely shocked like he had no idea! As we approached this breathtaking mahogany boat, its captain, Captain Tim, warmly welcomed us aboard. The boat was reserved for only Gerrit and I. Ironically during the initial minutes being aboard the boat I stated, “Oh wouldn’t this be a romantic place to pop the question?” Gerrit instantly changed the topic of conversation…

Once we were further out on the water, we enjoyed the spectacular scenery while we kissed and held hands. Lake Minnetonka has a special place in our hearts because we have always shared the dream to someday have our home and raise a family there. Gerrit asked Captain Tim to take our picture, and he responded, “sure once I find a spot where the water is more calm.” The boat finally made a stop at an exquisite location on the lake. As I prepared to pose for the picture, I turned around and there Gerrit was down on one knee. My eyes immediately filled with tears of joy and emotion. I was blown away! As tears ran down Gerrit’s face, he asked me to marry him.

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Several minutes later after having completely blacked out from utter shock and with a vague recollection of what had just occurred, of course I said YES!

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After the proposal, we wined and dined at a fabulous Italian restaurant and stayed at a quaint bed and breakfast.

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Words cannot express my excitement to begin this new chapter in our fairytale love story and to marry my best friend.

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