Tessa and Curtis

How We Met

Curtis and I met on Tinder. We were both living out in Colorado, I had graduated college and was doing an internship in Denver and he was finishing his last semester at the United States Air Force Academy. His pick up line was “My friends bet me I couldn’t match with the hottest girl on tinder. What do you want to do with their money?” It was just cheesy and not over-the-top jerk-y to get a reply. I suggested hockey, but we ended up going out to dinner instead.

how they asked

We’ve been long distance for our entire relationship. After Colorado, I moved back home to Kansas City and Curtis got stationed in Sumter, South Carolina after graduation. We see each other every month, alternating who flies out. In October, we planned a trip to Colorado as we hadn’t been back since Curtis graduated in June 2016 and we have friends and family out there that we wanted to visit. I was so focused on the fact that he could propose on that trip, that I was blind sided when he planned a surprise proposal in Kansas City.

My best friend, Rachel, texted me a couple weeks before, letting me know she would be in town and wanted to go out on Friday night. Of course I told her I’d go out. She said that her boyfriend had never been down to Union Station and wanted to see it, and there was a bar nearby that their friend had recommended we check out, so we made plans to go down to Union Station and then the bar after. On October 13, I had gotten off work and Rachel and her boyfriend met me at my apartment. We took the street car down to Union Station and were walking around. When we started walking toward Union Station Rachel turned to me and said, “Hey do you think we can go up to the memorial (The World War I Memorial)?” I turned to her and said “No, it’s closed. It’s 9:30.” She then asked me if I knew where the fountain was and I pointed to our left and said “Uhm over there?” We walked a little further and it took me until I was about two feet in front of my soon-to-be-fiancé before I realized it was him.

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I actually dodged him because I saw people behind him with phones and thought I was getting in the way of someone’s picture. He told me he couldn’t wait any longer, and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!

I was completely surprised and taken aback that it took me a while to realize that he was actually there, and that we had just gotten engaged. My parents (aka the people behind him with the phones) captured it all.

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