Tessa and Casey

How We Met

“We all know that girl…you know–the one who has been and always will be the prettiest girl in school. The girl in the white snakeskin jacket who smoked Marbarlo reds #tbt (Ellen Pompeo, Old School circa 2003). For me, that girl was and always will be, Tessa. Always seen with a smile that can’t help but make your very worst day, better. And a pure zest for life that makes life simply worth living to the fullest. We grew up no more than 10 minutes away from each other, went to the same high school and had mutual friends–but, I was still never invited to her parties when her parents were out of town.

Fast forward a few years…5 years, 3 months and a few days (to be exact), the stars finally aligned a mutual friend (who shall not be named until the birth of our first child) finally introduced us. From there, it was saucy-ever-after as our friend’s say. Tens of thousands of miles logged doing long distance, bank accounts drained from last minute trips and a mere obsession to see one another and you can’t forget about the purchase of an additional french bulldog, we had ourselves a little Frenchie fam.

Tessa and Casey's Engagement in On my parents front porch where we had our first kiss :)r

From afar, Tessa always was the ONE, all I wanted was the chance to be in her life and have the chance to make her smile the way she made everyone else.

how they asked

The day finally came to make it official and I couldn’t help but do my best to recreate the weekend we first met. Imagine Coachella meets Yacht week with a strong side of margaritas and that pretty much sums up our first weekend together…

Where to Propose in On my parents front porch where we had our first kiss :)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On my parents front porch where we had our first kiss :)

For the weeks leading up to the engagement, I became somewhat obsessed with the weather…20% chance, 30% chance…60% chance (onset of the full on panic). When it came to day of, the weather ended up being absolutely perfect. I decided to ask Tessa to Marry me from the very spot I asked her permission to kiss me nearly two years prior, on her parents front porch. From there, we would ride her Mom and Dad’s restored tandem bicycle as our chariot to what was supposed to be a private family beach soiree…

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On my parents front porch where we had our first kiss :)

What Tessa didn’t know, besides the fact that we were getting engaged was that we flew in 6 of her closest friends, collected 50+ letters from people all across the country to give their blessings, hired a romantic Polka band courtesy of Tessa’s Dad’s masseuse and somehow had this big surprise off her radar. Tessa’s family, my family and I spent the entire day getting everything together…running around setting up the beach, decorating the bicycle–just trying to make sure that night was as perfect as it could be…

At the end of the day, all that mattered was getting Tessa out onto the porch and telling her how proud of her I am and always will be, how incredibly special she is and that I have been and always will be so very in love with her.

If it had rained, if all of her friends couldn’t make it, if the Polka band came down with a bad case of food poisoning from a burrito hut they stopped off at on the way–it wouldn’t have mattered–no matter what, it would have been and always will be one of the most important moments in our lives, forever.