Tessa and Bruce

How They Asked

On the Monday before Christmas, Bruce called me as I was driving home and asked if I’d like to go on a sleigh ride with him on the day after Christmas. I obviously said “sounds good!” having no idea this was the beginning of the whole shindig. Bruce told me he’d pick me up Thursday from my house at 4:30 pm.

Thursday came along and at about 4:33 pm Bruce called me, in extreme frustration that his truck was acting up (which I fully believed because although I love Penny the Toyota, she has her quirks). He said he was in the Redding area and asked if I could come, pick him up so we could still make it to the “sleigh ride”. He sent me the address where we’d meet up, I punched it into my GPS and told him I’d be there in 20.

Where to Propose in Redding, Connecticut

At about 5:05 I pulled up to the spot and immediately realized it was one of our favorite spots in the area, where we’d often go to skip rocks, sit and talk, or just explore. I parked next to his truck but no Bruce was to be seen, but a piece of paper was taped to his truck window. I got out of my car, approached his truck and proceeded to read his note to me (pictured). I grabbed the walking stick and flashlight and looked to my right where an entire path of candles had been laid out for me to follow. This is where the tears began to well up. I slowly made my way down the candlelit path where at the very end I was met with a whole area of string lights right by the reservoir, along with a small table, chair, and blanket. I sat down in the chair and pressed play on the laptop.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Redding, Connecticut

Tessa and Bruce's Engagement in Redding, Connecticut

A snippet from The Office began playing when Michael is about to propose to Holly (I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING). After that, I thought it was all done but NOPE. Stanley, YES, THE STANLEY from The Office began speaking to me in the video telling me Bruce was about to ask me a very important question. I cried through all of it. At the end of the video, Bruce emerged from the trees, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Obviously, I said yes.

It was all followed by dinner at our favorite restaurant where I devoured the most delicious truffle lobster mac and cheese of my life. Bruce did such a beautiful job, and I won’t ever forget it. #TumYOLetsGetMARRIED
A few days later we flew to Germany to celebrate with my family!

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