Tess and Teddy

How We Met: We met in 2009 at a friends party for the first time. I was 18 and Teddy was 20. We started talking for the first time in 2012 via social media (lots of flirting) and we started texting and talking all the time at the beginning of 2013.

The first time we actually hung out was in May 2013 at Illini Park in Warrensburg, Il. A small town where Teddy is from. We sat at the park and talked for hours. It was so easy to talk to him and from that point forward we were inseparable.

We saw each other every day, couldn’t get enough of each other!! I left for vacation in June and he wrote me a letter to open each day I was gone. I read them to this day and still cry!

He is so loving, romantic, selfless, funny, amazing, I could go on and on! We are each others’ best friends and I truly believe he is my soul mate!

Image 2 of Tess and Teddy

how they asked: 2/14/2015 – Teddy has always told me he won’t propose until I am done with nursing school, so that I can focus on my studies and not planning a wedding. I am due to graduate nursing school in December 2015. Anyways, I had no idea! For Valentine’s day, Teddy told me he was making a video for his Grandpa about his Grandma who passed away in 2011. Teddy and her were very close, and the video for his Grandpa was supposed to be of him and his family telling stories about her, and they were going to surprise his Grandpa with it on Valentine’s day.

So that night, we were driving to Illini Park in Warrensburg, Il (the place of our first “date”). I was unsuspectingly singing my little heart out to Taylor Swift’s Style, totally unaware of what was about to happen. We walk in to the building, and all of his family and friends are there, along with MY family and friends.

Right then I knew something was up!! The video started and our songs were playing, his parents and brother talked about what love meant to them, and then Teddy came on. I won’t go into too much detail since the video is here, but he talked about his grandmother, which does not happen often because of how emotional it makes him, and how much her rings meant to him.

This was very emotional for me, as well as every single person that was there, there was not a dry eye in the place! (Even my dad who NEVER cries!) So then he talks about me, and everything a girl could ever want to hear from her man in her life. He also has the video of him asking my dad for permission to marry me!! After the video was over, he pulled out his Grandmother’s ring, got down on one knee and asked to marry me!!

Image 1 of Tess and Teddy

I said yes!! With all of our families and friends there, it was absolutely the best night of my life. I am truly living a fairytale!

Photos by: Kaitlin Powell Photography & Designs

Video by: Wilkerson Studios