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How We Met

Marty and I met in San Diego three years ago on a date that was set up by a couple of friends. I never believed in true love until that day. We met at Bareback Grill on the beach and I tell him to this day that that was the moment I knew I was going to marry him. He was in the Navy and I was in school and we started dating. Our first real date was valentines day of 2013, he let me get all dressed up, took me to a rooftop bar in downtown San Diego called Altitude, and surprised me with flowers, chocolate, and dinner. I had never been treated so well in my life and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have met this man! A few months passed and it was time for him to move duty stations, to the east coast. A long distance relationship was the last thing we wanted so he basically said, come with me, or lets just end this now. Without hesitation I packed my bags and we drove across the country together. My family and friends thought I was insane but I knew I was following my heart. I moved across the country with a man I had known for about six months, three years later and we couldn’t be more in love!!

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how they asked

After three years of dating I was ready to be engaged! Marty and I had talked about it and he knew I wanted it and I knew he did too. Over the holidays, we planned the most amazing getaway to Belize. We would spend 3 days on the mainland of Belize City and go zip-lining, cave tubing, and explore Mayan ruins, and then for the remaining 4 days, we spent it on the island of Caye Caulker. Marty and I have made a habit of taking “Leading Photos” wherever we visit. Its where he takes a picture of my back holding my hand. Our album had grown immensely with our love of travel and Belize was the perfect place to capture some more amazing moments. The first day on the island we spend lounging on the dock and swimming in the Caribbean sea. After a while he suggested we go inside our cabana to get cleaned up and take our golf cart around the island to explore. I agreed and headed inside. Once we were ready, he walked me down to the dock and suggested taking a leading photo out over the water, so thats what we did. Next thing I know, I turn around to the man of my dreams on one knee, telling me how much he loves me, and asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was in complete shock and OF COURSE said yes! He had set up a photographer who captured the entire thing, and then we got to use the photographer for two more hours to do an engagement photo shoot around the island. I was so in shock, beyond thrilled, and completely in love. Over the next week, we went home to my family in San Francisco, and then to his in Indiana andgot to celebrate with all of our loved ones. I couldn’t be more excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

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