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How We Met

Jon and I met on June 10th, 2013. I truly believe that fate brought us together, because we could have met a lot sooner than this but were both reluctant. One of my best friends, Cat, is a hair stylist and has cut Jon’s hair for several years. She told me a few times about this guy she wanted to set me up with. “He’s adventurous, has cute curly hair, is a swimmer, has gone sky diving and all that crazy stuff you like to do”. He sounded great! However, I was happy being single and wasn’t very interested in a blind date. Fast forward several months later to that sunny day in June. Cat, my brother, and I all went to a music festival on Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan called Orion Festival. You can probably guess who we ran into at the festival – that curly haired guy I had heard so much about. Of course, he was a little awkward when we met. I think the first words out of his mouth were “I think we should date”. Although Jon disagrees with my version of how I handled the situation, I remember politely avoiding his statement and leaving the concert soon after that (Okay, maybe I freaked out and left the moment he asked me out). That wasn’t the end of our story though.

Cat texted me a week or so later saying, “Follow Jon Rodgers on Facebook”. I was at the bar and a few cocktails in when she messaged me. So, after looking through his pictures, seeing how adventurous he really was, I sent him a message. I told him what bar I was at and for him to meet me. I swear he was there in about 5 minutes. We bonded instantly and really enjoyed each other’s company. We went on some fun dates and talked about all of the places we dreamed of traveling to. Unfortunately, we had met at a bad time. I had just applied for my dream internship in Chicago. Jon was the first person I called when I found out I got the job. I told him how I would be moving in two weeks to be an Event Coordinator for the Warrior Dash for the next 6 months. We kept in touch and had a few phone calls over the next few months. We weren’t by any means dating while I was away though, and I’m glad for that.

Moving to Chicago gave me a great opportunity to do some soul searching and really think about what kind of man I wanted to be with. Jon would always pop into my thoughts during those conversations with myself. So, the week that I moved back to Michigan in January of 2014, I asked Jon if he wanted to meet up. We went to Winner’s Bar and had a blast catching up. For my birthday the following month Jon bought my the best gift I’ve ever received, my hiking pack. Ever since then, I knew it would be him. It wasn’t always easy at first, especially since Jon was next to move. He left for his 3-month nursing assignment in California about two days after we officially started dating on March 11, 2014. However, we made it work, we fell in love, we’ve shared more laughs, adventures and memories in our short amount of time together than I ever thought imaginable. I couldn’t be happier that every heartbreak, every move, every choice I have made in my life led me to the person I was meant to spend the rest of forever with.

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how they asked

Whoever know us knows that we have a very strong bond through our love of adventure. We try to plan great hiking trips whenever we can as well as cross items off of our ‘Bucket-List’. Glacier National Park in Montana was a big bucket-list item for both of us. We had been talking about going for a while, but were never able to set a date (or save up enough money). However, Jon being the great gift giver that he is, surprised me with tickets to Montana for our 2-year anniversary in March. I was over the moon.

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His generosity never ceases to amaze me. Fast forward to August of 2016, and we were on our way to our big adventure. The deal was for me to plan the first half of our trip and for Jon to plan the second half. Not to brag, but I did a great job picking out hikes, booking us tee-pee’s to sleep in, and finding good huckleberry tea.

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After the first few days in Montana, it was Jon’s portion of the trip. Unbeknownst to me, he took me to Alberta, Canada – somewhere I have always wanted to go. My brother, Russ, and I have matching tattoos of the Three Sisters Mountain Range in Banff National Park, and that’s where Jon took me! His proposal couldn’t have been more romantic, adventurous, or special. To add surprises to more surprises, he took us on a helicopter ride above the mountains, including the Three Sisters Mountain Range!

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We landed on top of a mountain and went on a short hike. We had about 45 minutes to hang out and enjoy the incredible view, which is what I was doing. In fact, I was enjoying the view so much that I had no idea Jon was behind me pacing back and fourth, sweating, and ripping his jacket off (even thought it was 45 degrees out), and just acting generally odd. After a while he finally worked up the nerve to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him.

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At that moment, my world changed forever. Jon made all of my dreams come true. The man, the trip and the proposal are better than I ever could have imagined. I will forever remember the look on Jon’s face and the happiness I was overwhelmed with when we got engaged. Our love story is my absolute favorite.

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