Tess and Eric

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How We Met

Eric and I met like many couples these days…online! After our first date, the relationship progressed slowly and casually. There was never any pressure and no expectations. We went at our own pace. To this day, we have never celebrated an anniversary. Neither one of us is sure on the exact date we got together, so we don’t celebrate. (That will probably change when we get hitched on April 7, 2018.) Valuing our alone time and independence, for the first year we only saw each other on the weekends. It was important to us to be in a relationship because we were in love, but maintain our individuality. Three years went by with the “i love yous,” big trips, small trips, moving in, setting goals and enjoying every moment.

how they asked

About a year and half into our relationship, I knew in my heart that Eric was the one. However, I never ever wanted to pressure him into marriage. It was important to me for him to ask when he was ready. Of course I would bring it up to my sister, “when is he going to ask?!?!” Little did I know, after three years together, he was ready!

What I learned is that Eric sought out my sisters help for ring advice in early spring 2017. He had hoped to have the ring before our Memorial weekend trip to Vegas and propose when we were there. However, the ring did not come in until we returned. Once he had the ring in his pocket, another milestone had to happen before he popped the question- a personal milestone in the family that can’t be revealed here.

At this point, a couple weeks went by with the ring burning a hole in his pocket. The morning of his good friend’s wedding started out great. We did our usual public market, casual breakfast and then it was time to get dressed. Eric says to me ” let’s take a selfie and send the picture to my mom.” When do I take a selfie…mostly never. I said to him, ” I am not taking a selfie. If you want to send a picture to her, we will ask someone to take our picture at the wedding.” Little did I know, he was going to get down on one knee and propose in our house-which I would have LOVED, but I ruined it by hurrying us out the door to get to the church on time.

It was a sunny day and the ceremony was beautiful. There was some time to spare between the ceremony and reception so we just relaxed with another friend. As Eric and I were on our way to the reception, he wants to park way back in the parking lot, which a girl in high heels does not want to do. After deterring him from that, he pulls over to this wooded area which made no sense in comparison to where all the other guests were parking. Because I know Eric, he most likely had to use the bathroom and needed quick access to some hidden space. “Come here,” he says. ” No Eric, I can’t believe you have to use the bathroom right now.” “Come with me,” he says. “Eric, I am no joke, not going to stand guard while you relieve yourself.” Then, he pulls out a small bag from his pocket.

I was in shock. I thought I was hallucinating. Immediately, I started crying. Yet, Eric got down on one knee. With the simple man that he is, he kept his words simple as well. “Tess Elizabeth Kittelberger, will you marry me?” “YES!!!”

We still had a reception to attend. After a few phone calls, we headed inside and acted like nothing happened because it was a night to celebrate his friends marriage. But I loved every minute of it. Secretly we were both the happiest we had ever been and we were able to have an evening for just the two of us to enjoy. I wouldn’t have changed a thing because it was a day that I knew for certain we would never forget.

Tess and Eric's Engagement in Rochester, NY