Tesa and Robb

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How We Met

Robb and I first met in 2010 at a start up in San Francisco, but it wasn’t until late 2011 that being friends quickly turned into much more. Robb was a transplant originally from Honolulu, Hawaii who moved up to San Francisco for college and decided to stay. I, on the other hand, was born and raised in San Francisco and never wanted to leave. He won me over by being everything I knew nothing about. That, and his goofy personality, certainly opened my eyes and heart to the start of our very own adventure.

On our very first date, Robb took me to Pacifica Pier where we walked along the beach to the top of Mori Point to fully soak in all of the views. Being a traditional girl that I am, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend in the same area a few months later. This same spot, would also be the place where he eventually got down on one knee to ask me to share a lifetime with him.

how they asked

Robb suggested we take Charlie, our beloved pup, to the beach/hiking that weekend. Since it was a nice day, I thought nothing of it when he wanted to bring along his camera and tripod to shoot some photos as well. (He’s pretty artsy and use to shoot landscape photos) We walked along the Pacifica Beach to the top of Mori Point as we had done before (including our very first date together over four years ago). After reaching the top, he suggested taking a few family photos with Charlie with our camera on a timer. After viewing them he told me to stay there to take a few more in case they didn’t turn out nice. As he ran back for the second round of pictures, he began kneeling on the floor with the ring of my dreams. The photos definitely captured the moment surprisingly well when it was just the two of us up there.

The icing on the cake? After viewing the pictures after the shock of the proposal, I noticed Charlie totally focused in the pictures as well. He wasn’t even on leash and decided to stay with us when he’s usually off exploring. He definitely knew something BIG was happening for us. Either that or he was proposing too! :)

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