Tesa and Luis

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How We Met

I met my fiancee when we were in 7th grade and had almost every single class together. We were both really shy people but always got sat next to each other so wr eventually started talking. Little did we know, we’d end up where we are today. In 8th grade is when he finally asked me out. He was sooo nervous and it was the cutest thing to me. We started dating and it did get a little rocky at points because I wasn’t supposed to have a boyfriend so we kept putting things on hold a few times throughout the years. My mom has known him since he was 15 and eventually said I could date so we got back together. Things happened in life and we went our separate ways the end of our Junior and beginning of Senior Year. We started seeing other people and it made me realize, I didn’t want to be with anyone else so we got back together just befofe graduation and we were so much happier and stronger. We got our first apartment together, added furbabies. Fast forward to July 2017, i set up a photo shoot for us with one of my closest friends who was visiting so it was perfect. He apparently messaged her before because I mentioned is doing pictures and asked her to help plan to propose. So the whole day, its a just a normal photoshoot for me and by the end of it is when he popped the question. We just had our 4 years anniversary and I couldn’t believe he finally asked me!! I was CRYINGGGG. i obviously said yes. I couldn’t be happier and we’re finally getting married December 15th!!!

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how they asked

He had us draw a heart in the sand for a picture and my friend had us both facing the water on opposite sides of the heart. He said something for me to turn around and he was on one knee. I cried so much.

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Special Thanks

Tabetha Gilbert
 | Photographer