Terri-Lynn and Derek

Terri-Lynn and Derek's Engagement in Ontario, Canada

How We Met

It was the July 2017. One of my best friends was getting married in August, so wedding prep was in full swing! I, on the other hand had made my mind up: I didn’t want a husband! I didn’t want a boyfriend! I was so content with where I was in life. Independent, focused on my job, having a significant other would just be too much! At one point, a friend of mine said my husband would be right around the corner. My answer? No way!

It was July 21, my friend (Hannah the bride) and I, along with a coupe other friends went to New York to do some last minute wedding shopping. While we were in a TJ Maxx, we thought it would be funny to film a video of me catching her “Bouquet” ( aka random flowers from the shelf) because we all knew there we no prospects!

One week later was Hannah’s bachelorette party! July 28. We headed downtown Ottawa for dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant. This same weekend there was a celebration of Canada’s 150 year birthday, which meant the streets were blocked! We ended up being 2 hours late for our reservation. Little did I know, being late for something would actually work in my favour.

We show up to the restaurant, apparently because we were late the server that was assigned to our table for the night left to go home. Our table was passed on to another server.

We’re all enjoying the bachelorette celebrations, when our server walks out. He immediately caught my eye. Remember, this was so not on my radar! I hadn’t pursued anyone in a long time, and honestly had no time for guys. Throughout the meal, I could feel myself blushing every time he came near. My friends were shocked, this was so not like me. They were joking ” he’s perfect for you”, I would just laugh it off. But yet, I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever seen.

The meal was done, and we were getting ready to leave, the other girls made their way to exit the restaurant while a friend and I went to get freshened up in the lady’s room. We finally made our way to the exit, to see that he was waiting for us at the door. He stopped us. Little did I know, but the entire time he was thinking exactly what I was thinking about him. We began talking, and it was like the whole world stopped. I looked at him and felt something I had never felt in my entire life. As we began to chat more, he asked where I was from, because he had never seen me around before. I told him I was originally from Newfoundland. He replied “Oh! where in Newfoundland?” I just replied “central” ( I’m from such a small town that most people haven’t even heard of it) He said, “I’m asking because my family is from Newfoundland!” I was shocked, so asked him where, it turns out his grand parents lived just a few minute drive from mine. We both said ” oh, what a coincidence!”. We also learned in that 10 minute conversation that were a whole lot of coincidences. We invited him out to a church event that was coming up in 2 weeks, and left. I got to the door to leave and thought to myself “Maybe I should go back” I talked myself out of it, thinking I was being silly! Once we got outside the restaurant I looked at my friends and said “I just met my husband”, I then called my mom to tell her, and we even took a video to document the date and time of me meeting my husband. The only reason we knew his name was because it was on the receipt! During this time he was texting his mom telling her all about the girl he just met.

2 weeks later, he came to the event! ( Little did I know he had found all of my social media profiles and was majorly creeping!) We talked for a little over an hour. A couple weeks after that we hung out over coffee and talked for 9 hours. About a month later we went for a canoe ride ( at a church retreat) it’s where he looked at me and said, “This might sound crazy, but I think you’re the one”, I turned around and looked at him and said “Yeah, I know, I think you’re my husband.”

After talking a couple more months, we finally started dating ;)

how they asked

Almost exactly one year after meeting, July 13th, 2018. It was my birthday, so he had the day planned perfectly! I didn’t think THIS would be the day, just thought we were celebrating! He brought me to the place he first told me he loved me ( a beautiful park in Quebec) He set out the picnic blanket, and we sat down. There was no one in sight. Just us, on a picnic blanket in the middle of the forest. He began to tell me how much he loved me ( he always did this so it wasn’t anything out of the norm), I was getting hungry so I said “ok, where’s the food, I’m hungry” So he opened the picnic basket and one by one showed me every cheese, grape, blueberry he brought. He also brought wine glasses and some sparkling water.

Terri-Lynn's Proposal in Ontario, Canada

Then he pulled out one single red rose. When he did this, I knew something was up. Then he said “I brought something else, but I need to ask you a question about it” He pulled out the ring and got on one knee, and asked, “Will you marry me?” We both cried, and hugged. Of course, I said yes! He ended with “I told you here that I love you, and now I’m here saying I’ll love you forever!”

We’re getting married May 2019!