Terri and Brian

After many ups and downs in our relationship, Brian and I were very excited to have the opportunity to celebrate our fifth anniversary on December 7th. Because I am a very frugal person and it’s so close to Christmas, I always make him agree to no gifts and staying in. But for some reason back in November, Brian was insistent on doing something big and celebrating the whole month because five years of a dating is a big accomplishment. Brian is very romantic, but I am the one who usually gets excited about those things. It was quite strange when Brian decided he wanted to get us a hotel room in AC, make dinner reservations, and go out somewhere special every time I saw him.

The oddest part was he decided we should have a dinner party for the holidays and another to celebrate our anniversary. I was reluctant at first, because 1.) I am a private person 2.) I stopped depending on people because I started to feel that many won’t be around 3.) I’m not into spending money when we should save. However, Brian was insistent that it would be great since we don’t get to see our family and friends much and it was the holidays. I finally agreed. Of course, I planned everything including the guest list, location, time, menu etcetera, because he wanted to make sure I was happy with everything. We decided to have it at the restaurant, Bahama Breeze.

Meanwhile, we decided we were going to exchange anniversary/Christmas gifts. I was attempting to figure out what the price limit was. Brian wouldn’t tell me. I was insistent so I could make sure we get something that is around the same caliber. He said don’t worry about it because he got me the best gift ever and I can’t come close to matching it. Instead, I talked him into giving me clues of what my gift would be. The first two clues were that it was shiny and “my-sized”. For some unbeknownst reason, the first thing that came to mind was aluminum foil. I continued to get about two different clues each week but I still couldn’t get aluminum foil out of my head! My other guess was an Ipad. Regardless, I told him that whatever it was, it better not cost too much & it better not be romantic and make me cry. (I’m a big crier and I hate crying.)

After weeks and weeks of anticipation, December 17th came and it was time for our dinner party. We showed up early so things could be set up. Or namely, Brian set up because he kept disappearing. Right before dinner came he pulled me aside to give me my gift. I began opening it. Low and behold it’s a box of aluminum foil. Of course, I said, “I can’t believe you really gave me aluminum foil.” I couldn’t fathom why he got me foil so I continued digging through the box. I started getting frustrated because I was beginning to think it was really all he gave me as the box kept turning up empty of anything else but foil. Finally, I turn around to say something and I find him on his knee with engagement ring in hand. I immediately started crying. Of course the first thing I said was, “I told you not to make me cry.” And he laughed.

Next thing I know, all of our family and friends come to where we were and congratulate us. It was all such a blur. I didn’t even hear what he said cause it was all so surreal to me. Suddenly, the song “A Moment Like This,” by Kelly Clarkson made sense to me. It felt like a dream I was too lucky to be in.

I couldn’t believe that I planned my own engagement party and everybody knew about. That night he surprised me with a hotel room and we spent the night touring Philadelphia. What really meant the most was realizing people care about me more than I know. He told me it was the whole reason why he wanted the party – to prove to me that people care more than I realize. I truly feel as though I have the best fiancé ever. He gave me the best gifts of all – the promise of a lifetime together and realization that I really do have friends & family that would do anything to make me happy.

FYI: In case anyone was wondering, catching the bouquet works!

Terri Huggins is a Freelance Writer/Journalist in NJ who specializes in  bridal, beauty, relationships, education and business topics. She also writes marketing paraphernalia such as brochures, press releases, blogs and newsletters for local businesses. By night, Terri is a arts enthusiast, prima ballerina, education activist, and dedicated volunteer. Connect with Terri on Twitter: TERRIficWords or stop by her blog, www.terrificwords.wordpress.com or professional website.