Terrencia and James

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How We Met

I first laid my eyes on Terrencia when I was 18 years old on the campus of Florida A&M University (FAMU) in 2012. She attended FAMU and I attended Florida State University (the schools are right next to each other).

One day I went to FAMU and she had on a stunning red dress and was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I was too shy to approach her at the time but I was able to find her on Facebook through a mutual friend. I messaged her, we started talking, sparks flew and from that moment on our lives have never been the same.

How They Asked

We started ring shopping a few months back which prompted an idea to have a photoshoot where we could post pictures for our 6-year mark of the union. I knew my best friend would believe that this photoshoot would be the perfect proposal opportunity but to her disappointment, it wasn’t. I told the photographer to fake that his hard drive crashed and that he lost all our pictures so that we would have to retake them. The photographer and I staged a huge argument in front of Terrencia, where he offered to do another photo shoot free of charge and include a videographer to make up for the mishap. This was all planned so that she wouldn’t know that today was our big day and to have this vital day documented without suspicion.

Here’s how the day transpired: She began the morning by getting a manicure and pedicure and then she moved on to receive a relaxing massage with her best friend. She then went to the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort where she believed her best friend was checking in for a work conference, but to her surprise, I had a few things waiting just for her (I had set up everything days in advance). There were a couple of outfit options for her to choose from for the big day and a “Why I Love You” video for her to watch from family and friends. After she watched the video, she got dressed and was taken to the proposal location where I was waiting. When she got to the location I had a singer and guitarist perform while we enjoyed a special moment together. During that special moment family and friends came out to her surprise and I proposed soon after.

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