Terrance and Aundreia

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How We Met

About 2 years ago, I was at church and The Lord was moving through a young evangelist! She then called my name and said, “Terrance, The Lord said there is something that you want!” I then thought to myself, “Lord, but you’ve already given me more than I could ask!” She responded, “And you’re probably thinking…but The Lord has already given me more than I could ask!” Ha. I knew it was God. She called me to The front of the church and said, “but there is ONE thing that you really want. Now get it in your mind, and then praise God like it’s already done!” Well, wouldn’t you know I asked The Lord In my heart to bless me with a WIFE! Better believe I praised Him in the dance like it was already done! That same year of the revelation, I became impatient, expecting that the woman of my dreams would appear.

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By the end of the year, I was discouraged and decided to refocus my heart on The Lord. Our story begins with our individual stories. Both of us had been praying to The Lord that he would send us the one He would have for us and for us to be patient in that. In December 2016 we both felt God’s presence let us know that we were soon to meet. In January 2017 we met in our classroom for our Masters/Doctoral Program. We sat next to one another and began to talk. I eventually decided to do our group project with one another. The following class, we stayed after and began sharing our love for Christ. It was then that there was a spark of interest between us. Two weeks later, we began dating with full intentions of getting married as God had confirmed our soon to be union. After meeting one another’s, parents, family, friends, and loved ones, we engaged a month and a half later.

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how they asked

Our engagement took place on a helicopter ride over downtown Austin, TX. Upon our return, our family and friends awaited us with letters that spelled “will you marry me!” As we got out of the helicopter there were cheers and thanksgiving. We were clothed with song and guitar by our friends. After, Terrance processed his undying love for Aundreia.

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Then, their family and friends congratulated them and they took pictures after. There was a lunch planned at a restaurant that included food, words of blessings, and fellowship. Later that night, they celebrated with Mexican tacos with her best friend and children. Needless to say, we are a fairytale come true.

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Special Thanks

Maloree Malone
 | Photographer