Terra and Michael

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How We Met

We met in Driver’s Training at the ripe ol’ age of 15. We attended the same high school and hung out in the same friend group. It is so much fun to look back at seventeen years worth of friendship through photo albums. While we have grown up a lot since then, our respect for one another and loyal friendship has never wavered. We graduated high school and both went off to Western Michigan University, as friends. Our dorms weren’t too far apart, so there were many nights of hanging out with old friends and new. During our last summer of college, we both had an internship at the same company back home, so we spent almost every summer day carpooling to and from work. Here we are at 32 years old, both working for that very same company, two office doors down from one another. It took us a long while to realize that the best relationship of our lives was right in front of our eyes. We were a little hesitant of crossing the line, not wanting to lose our friendship in case it was never meant to go that far. After dating for a number of years, we now know it was all meant to be the entire time.

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how they asked

The two of us are together all of the time – living together and working together – so creating a surprise and keeping it all secret was very challenging for Mike. He pulled it all off perfectly though, which makes it even more special. On vacation in Hawaii, Mike told me that we were headed to a luau for dinner on Sunday evening. He had tickets printed with the address and detailed information of the night, so I had no reason to think anything differently. In our rental car, he had programmed our destination into the GPS, but little did I know that it was for Olowalu Pier, and not a luau. Upon our arrival, I was expecting to see other people and a fire (haha), when in fact there was only a deserted pier with no one else around. Immediately, I thought Mike had either taken us to the wrong place or he had gotten ripped off when purchasing our luau tickets. Mike put on a good act, looking disappointed, so he asked that we take a walk out on the pier and enjoy the scenery anyway. Even though my shoes were nowhere near appropriate for walking on the rocky landscape, I obliged, as I was feeling so bad his plan didn’t come to fruition. Thank goodness I did because Chantelle was hiding there to capture every second of our engagement. Mike had been working with Engaged on Maui for months to make our special moment perfect. I still can’t believe it!

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