Terli and Michael

Klaus K Hotel, Finland. Rooftop, just the two of us? Jet lagged, after a long flight. Overlooking the whole Downtown Finland. He waited till we get to Europe (brides home) to propose after 4 years together. I knew since our first EHarmony date we are meant to be, there was this instant comfort and easiness about us together from the first Hello on. There we were on the rooftop, just the two of us. He went there before me and set up champagne and glasses, so once I walked in I see Michael walking towards me with a big smile on his face and gives me a big bear hug. I see champagne behind him and giggle saying “look who’s living large” ? And the box next to it! I started to cry hysterically as it’s been a long time coming. There we are, both crying and no one to take a photo of the magical moment ? But, it was so worth it! It was the most magical 5 minutes a girl can ask for ??