Terisa and Jacob


How We Met

We met at college. His last semester was my first semester there. There was a singles page on Facebook for the college and Jake had made a post. All the other posts were about what the person wanted in a mate, but Jake’s was about who he was and had to expectations for the person who “liked” it. This caught my attention. I never posted on the page and it was the only post I ever “liked” on the page. Little did I know a friend request and ONE date later I would be in a relationship with my best friend and the person I would marry.

how they asked

Hunting was a huge part of both of our families, us included. It was one of the things that brought us together. On opening day of gun deer season he insisted that we sit in the same tree stand. It had snowed 14 inches the night before and it was -20 with wind chill that morning. But he dragged me out of bed at 4am and we made it to the tree stand. After not seeing anything all morning he decided to pump up the excitement. He got down on one knee, 26 feet in the air, in a very small tree stand, with wind and snow blowing everywhere. It couldn’t have been a better proposal!