Terin and Danny

How We Met

Danny and I met in high school. We attended different schools but we were both really active in a band! Before we started dating we had already formed a lasting friendship!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My Grandma's backyard

Terin and Danny's Engagement in My Grandma's backyard

Where to Propose in My Grandma's backyard

I’m lucky to have been able to experience so much life with him already! From prom to graduation, to college, Danny has been a constant in my life.

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Every year for our anniversary we have my sister in law take photos of us. It has been fun to watch our relationship grow and have those memories to look back on! Last May I immediately after our session, I went ahead and got on my sister in law’s calendar for photos. It just seemed easier to plan ahead so we could take off work and plan accordingly. Getting engaged had always been on our horizon, but never a rushed thing for us. We both had goals set and we were in the process of working hard to achieve them. Danny was working a more than full time job and I was working and going to school for three different degrees. The photos were always a nice way for us to celebrate another year of loving and supporting each other.

The morning of the session my sister in law told us that she had a vendor friend with an “amazing prop” that she was going to borrow. This didn’t really seem out of the ordinary because we have helped her with shoots before and used other vendor props. She switched our meeting place and meeting time around at the last minute, and even seemed a little scattered on the phone when we spoke. Danny is pretty easy going, and he did just that! He never let on that something was up when I told him the change in plans. Later when we met up for our session, my sister in law told us the setup was “beyond epic” and wanted to surprise us with is. She then blindfolded both Danny and me and began to lead us down to where the setup was.

She then placed us both and told us we could take our blindfolds off. I looked around at this arch covered with yellow flowers (my favorite) and assessed the “beyond epic” props that had been “scored” for our shoot. I glanced at Danny to see if he was also loving the arch like I was, and then notice something seemed a little off about him. I then heard the music begin to play, IT WAS OUR SONG!T hen I saw the boy that I have loved for four years….the boy who has loved me through the death of my grandpa, college applications, moving out, proms, high school graduation, stressful job schedules, stressful class schedules, and so much more… get down on one knee!! I tried hard to focus on his sweet words, because…IT WAS HAPPENING!! I wanted to soak it in and remember it forever. This sweet boy who has loved me so well was asking me to be his wife, AND I SAID YES!!

Once the tears cleared I noticed that both of my parents and grandparents were there helping capture the moment! Danny had also decorated a tree with photos of us from over the four years! I’m so thankful for the time and thought that he put into this proposal. It is something that I will love to look back and talk about for the rest of our lives!

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