Teri and Joe

How We Met

Joe and I actually met online, on OkCupid. He messaged me first, on June 1st, 2016. We messaged a LOT! Quickly the messaging turned into texting, which turned into long, late-night calls.

We had our first date on June 18, 2016, at Applebee’s in Allen Park, MI. Conversation flowed so naturally and we were even standing in the parking lot talking for a couple more hours after the restaurant had to close!

After a few more dates, as well as our first kiss, we made it official on July 2, 2016. A couple weeks after that I knew I loved him, but I wanted to wait to be sure that’s what I was really feeling. Turns out he started feeling the same way right around the same time! I finally realized, it was definitely love and I couldn’t wait any longer, so I made the first move and told Joe that I loved him first, on August 8, 2016. Of course, he returned the feelings and sentiments.

We moved in together in early October of 2016 and took our first big vacation, to New Orleans, in mid-March of 2017.

how they asked

Let me begin by saying that Joe is really good at surprises, and I mean freaky good! We had been talking about marriage and getting engaged for a long while, so I knew it was coming. Because of this, I kept imagining the different ways that he might propose. I seriously had to have thought of a million and two ways that he would propose, but in all of those ideas I never even considered the way he actually did it!

On July 6, 2018 we were headed to Belle Isle. I was wanting to go to take some pictures there. When we left Joe said that we were taking a detour. I thought nothing of it because I figured that he probably wanted to stop at his parents for something or that he was wanting to go a different way than we usually take to get to Belle Isle. I just let him continue to drive and do his thing.

Shortly thereafter we pulled up to the macaron shop in town, le detroit macaron. Joe said he had a hankering for some macarons. I again thought nothing of it because we really love their macarons and stop in often, basically whenever we’re in the mood for them. As we were walking up to the shop, Joe mentioned that he hoped that they had some of their pop rocks flavored macarons, their special seasonal one at the time. Since I was in the door first I started looking through the display. I found the special very quickly and let him know they had some.

At this point, Joe asked if the owner was in and said that he had a special order. I figured that he must have placed the order earlier to be sure we had some of our favorite flavors. Being dense like I can be sometimes, I was still oblivious to anything. I honestly had this feeling that he was going to propose while we were at Belle Isle later, so my suspicions weren’t alerted yet.

Joe then handed me the box of macarons and asked me to open it. As I slowly opened the box to reveal the macarons Joe dropped to one knee. The box began to reveal the question “Will you marry me?” written on the top of the cookies. I began to smile widely, cry, and laugh at the same time. I definitely didn’t see it coming, even though I knew that the day before he had gone to my parents to get my mom’s old ring (more on this later).

As Joe knelt there he pulled a tissue paper wrapped box from his pocket. I don’t know how I didn’t notice the box in his pocket. He handed it to me to open. As I unwrapped the box, with shaky hands, another lovely surprise was revealed. You see, my mom’s old ring had been in the gift box that her new ring had come in, so Joe needed a new ring box. When he got the ring he took a new box with him. To help out a little, my mom had wrapped it in a little tissue paper for him. The new box was hand-carved in Poland and Joe had bought it at the Polish Art Center in town. On the top of the box was a design that is special to us, because it is a symbol that I have tattooed on my wrist and because of both of our Celtic heritages. It was a Claddagh design on top with clovers around the sides. This made me cry again, of course.

I opened the box to reveal my mother’s old ring, which I knew would be inside. I had always loved her ring, ever since I was a little girl. It had such a unique design that I’ve never seen before and I’ve never seen any rings that I’ve loved as much as this ring. When my parents celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2013 they had a vow renewal, and since that anniversary is considered the silver anniversary they decided to get new silver wedding bands. Knowing that I had always admired the old ring, and considering I was the only daughter still unmarried, my mom told me that the ring was mine once the time arrived. When Joe and I started talking about marriage I told him about the ring, so he knew to get it when he asked for my parents blessing on our marriage. I figure that this ring has been with my parents for so many years, through both good and bad times, so it should bring us a little bit of good luck.

Once the box was opened I handed it back to Joe. Of course, my answer to him was yes, so he took the ring out and slipped it onto my finger. It was sealed with a kiss and words of congratulations from the girls in the macaron shop. Definitely the best day of my life so far!

Special Thanks

Patty from Le Detroit Macaron
She made the macarons for the proposal