Teri and Brian

How We Met: I met Brian in December of 2009 while at an IHOP with a group of mutual friends. I was disgusted by Brian’s yellow lumberjack hat and promptly ignored him for the rest of the night. I told him not to call me or ask me out, which Brian decided to ignore…

When I finally agreed to go on a date with Brian, we went out on New Year’s Eve where we shared an “unexpected” midnight kiss. After that, Brian “missed” his flight back to school in Santa Clara and we spent one extra day together. At the end of that day, Brian gave me a ring that said “Nothing is impossible” and that’s when we began our long distance relationship between Colorado and California.



We dated long-distance for about two years and our love grew out of many mailed care packages, monthly trips to visit each other, Skype dates, and synchronized Netflix watching.


We took a trip to Disneyland that first year, spending the entire day at the park and falling in love amidst the tourists, melty ice cream, and fireworks… not to mention sore feet! To this day it was one of the best days of our lives.


Brian and I moved to Los Angeles in March 2012, living in a converted garage/studio until the end of the summer when we got our first apartment together. We taped out the shapes of our dream furniture on the floor and lived on an air mattress for the first month until we could afford something more.


We moved back to Colorado in 2015 so we could be closer to our family.  And we can’t leave now because Lana, our energetic dog, has fallen in love with the bunnies, sweet grass, and snow.

how they asked: Our photographer friend, Sarah, had asked us to do a mock engagement photoshoot so she could diversify her portfolio.  I guess Brian saw his opportunity and secretly contacted Sarah to ask if she could photograph him giving me “something special”.

The day of the photoshoot, we walked out to a beautiful meadow where Sarah began setting us in various poses.  During one of these poses she had me turn my back to Brian.  She took a couple shots and then backed up to where I couldn’t see her.  I thought it was weird when Sarah suddenly fell silent (she is always talking while snapping photos from behind her camera!).  Sarah asked me to turn around and that’s when I saw my handsome man down on one knee with an open ring box in his hand.  All he said was “I’m sorry this took so long”.


At first, a disbelieving “no” slipped out of my mouth and I stood there for a moment staring at him before finally running and collapsing into his arms.  It wasn’t until he said, “So is that a yes or a no?” before I realized I hadn’t actually said yes!





I am so thankful to Sarah for capturing such an emotional and priceless moment in our lives.  I wait to marry my man!

Photos by: Sarah Lindsay