Teresa and Stephen


How We Met

We met a few years back through a mutual friend, at a housewarming party. At the time neither of us were looking for a relationship, as we had both been through some things,as it happens going through life. We became close quickly and it was like we had always known one another. Being from Orange County NY, and living in Jacksonville FL, with no family in the area, we began having dinner together somewhat regularly and eventually every night we were together. He would go to the store, buy groceries and I’d go to his place after work and cook dinner. Steve ALWAYS did the dishes and honestly I don’t ever remember having to ask him to, It was a kind of unspoken thing. He always, to this day thanks me for cooking and I try to thank him for his part as well.Though I do try to be a clean cook ;)After a few months I started being invited to family dinners at his wonderful parents home, who live not far from us.

Before I knew it I was expected at special dinners and holidays. All before we were even dating! As our feelings grew and changed, along with a trip to NY to visit my family, and celebrate my little sisters graduation from college, it seemed everything just fell into place. We were not only best friends but had also found true unconditional love. We have been through the highest highs and some low lows but that has only strengthened us and proven that we are already living the vows we are soon to take. We have loved through better or worse, through sickness and health and a slew of other things! What we have might not be the “perfect” relationship but it sure is perfect for us! September 23 can’t come soon enough!

The photo attached is from 7 years ago! Our first ever Disney trip for my Birthday!


how they asked

We were visiting WDW celebrating my birthday, which is somewhat of a birthday tradition, though some how each time we go, regardless of the occasion.. he makes it even more special than the last! Whether it means scoring reservations to our favorite “hard to get” restaurants or buying me a surprise souvenir or Disney treat!


We had started the day at our favorite brunch spot and headed to the park for the day. We spent the day together enjoying all things Disney! Around 3 he told me we needed to go back to the room to freshen up for dinner, but would not tell me where it was. He led me to Cinderella’s Castle and of course I was thrilled!

After a delicious dinner I excused myself from the table, soon after I returned a few servers headed towards our table, still thinking nothing of it..(anyone who’s had the joy of spending their birthday in Disney knows that you get a special pin, this typically prompts the server to bring you a little birthday treat!) It wasn’t till they lifted the dome from the plate, and revealed a glass slipper surrounded by red rose petals that I put together what was about to happen.


He proceeded to get down one knee and tell me, “my life has never and could never be the same after I met you. You made me a happier more stable and more inspired person. I couldn’t picture the rest of my life without by my side. Will you do me the honor or marrying me?”


To which of course I said “YES!”



After the proposal we took a bunch of pictures and since it was a princess character meal, a few of the princesses came over to gush over my new “jewels” as Snow White put it.



Along with many of the staff and other patrons coming to the table, giving us kind words of advice and support of my fiancés recent actions! It was all so sweet and exciting!


I will say, I am so glad they did it at the end! It was such an adrenaline rush, eating the beautiful desert brought to us was impossible, since I couldn’t stop looking at my future husband and crying tears of happiness! Ironically, some good friends of ours were in Disney too! Which was fitting, imo, because they have been friends with us at every stage of our relationship, we met up with them shortly after and shared our news! The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind! He truly made me feel like a princess.


It was as if all the dreams from my childhood were coming true. I honestly still can’t believe it happened … It’s hard to not get choked up when I think about it and how special he always seems to make me feel. The love and happiness he brings me is immeasurable and I am so excited to get to spend the rest of our lives together!

Teresa and Stephen's Engagement in Cinderella's Castle