Teresa and Luigi

Teresa and Luigi's Engagement in New Jersey Restaurant

How We Met

Luigi and I met at his sister’s house in January of 2015. I had met his sister Francesca a month or so prior to a dinner party with friends. She and I immediately hit it off. By the end of the dinner, she had asked me to meet her brother, I politely declined! Little did I know, Fran does not take no for an answer. A month later, she invited my sister and me over for a dinner party. Here, I met Luigi. We sat and talked all night. We never exchanged numbers, it was so odd.

A few days later, Luigi messaged me on Facebook and gave me his number. I texted the number with no answer. After a few days, I had given up. Then, I received another message from Luigi a few days later. It turns out, Luigi gave me the wrong number! That was it, it took about a week to get this all settled but, from that point on- we were inseparable. Our first date was at Bistango in NYC. I have celiac, so I know Luigi did a lot of research to find a place for us to eat. The rest is history.

How They Asked

On October 21, 2017, I threw Luigi a surprise 30th birthday party. I really wanted to surprise him since he always does so much for me. Little did I know, he was already planning on proposing with, or without the party. He wanted me to be his birthday present. When we walked into the little restaurant, Luigi was slightly taken back and just kept telling me he wanted to say a speech. Which wasn’t strange, he loves to talk.

He kept thanking me, and I was so proud of myself for finally pulling this off. But, he got me! He got done on 1 knee and asked me that very important question. I was so shocked, I kept moving away from him! Eventually, I said YES and cried for the rest of the night!

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