Teresa and Curtis

Proposal Ideas Rocky Mountains

How They Asked

We were in Denver, CO visiting friends. I thought he might do it, but he wasn’t showing any signs, so I decided it probably wasn’t happening. We were supposed to go hiking, however, it was snowing in the mountains and we were not prepared! He started panicking and finally included our friend in on it.

We end up spending the day in Boulder, CO. He never found the right spot, so our friend stepped up, convinced me on a road trip up the National Park instead of watching my team’s football game. We make it and it was gorgeous. We all took turns taking pictures with the beautiful backdrop. Then he asks for one more on his phone. I was like that’s weird, I can just send you mine…. then he looked at me. And I was like “OMG IT’S HAPPENING!!” He pulled the ring out and asked me to marry him. I have never been so happy.

Teresa and Curtis's Engagement in Rocky Mountains

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rocky Mountains

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Allison Passmore
 | Photographer