Teresa and Chad

How We Met: We both went to the same high school, but he was more into the sports so I never really seen him around. Until one day a year after high school we ran into each other and “officially met” at our local bar with all our friends, not knowing he was part of their usually group of friends as well. Couple days went by and he finally decided to ask me out, and the rest is history.

Image 1 of Teresa and Chad

how they asked: We planned a Europe trip to see some of the most amazing places. On our 3rd stop into Paris 2 days into it we decided to walk to the love lock bridge, it’s always been a dream of mine to go there to write your name on a lock and throw the key into the water. As we make our way there, we noticed they took all the locks down except the sides, needless to say we found the perfect spot I wasn’t going to let my bucket dream list down because of the city! We decided to make our way down the bridge listening to all the artists on the bridge singing romantic songs – thinking to myself if someone were to propose this would be the sweetest place. Right before we were about to get off the bridge for some lunch, Chad says “let’s take a picture” at this point I was exhausted from all the walking we did, so I said “sure, I’ll take one of you, go stand over there”. He goes on to say he wants one of the both of us, so I’m pulling out my camera about to snap a selfie of us and he goes on to say no get someone to take it but find someone that speaks English. Ok… I thought to myself, find a nice Canadian couple to take our “picture “as I’m walking away to take my place for the picture Chad tells the man what he was about to do – propose! Gullible to everything that was around me Chad starts rambling on about something, so I told him to stop talking and wait till the picture is over. As I tell him to stop talking he tells me there is something he has wanted to ask me for a while now and gets down on one knee and asks me if I’ll marry him! Stunned and surprised all these emotions running through me, the world around me just disappeared and I started to cry. Of course I said YES! I couldn’t be any happier that I was going to marry my best friend.