Teresa and Brian

how we met

How We Met

It was ad agency love! Brian and I worked at the same advertising agency. We went to happy hour and finally went out on a date. But that’s when all normalcy stopped. I moved from Philadelphia to NYC.  But Brian just kept coming up to NYC and I kept going down to Philadelphia. After 3 years of long distance, travelling on Amtrak, NJ transit, rental cars, Brian decided to move to NYC.  1 year after he moved to NYC, we moved in together, and by the end of our first year living together he popped the question!

how they asked

It was the best of times and the worst of times. On the last day of my birthday vacation, I started to get the beginnings of a stomach virus. Thinking it would pass (and since it is kind of gross), I didn’t say anything to Brian. However, before we were packed up to leave, Brian suggested we visit the beach one more time. This day was slightly cloudy and misty, creating a light fog that covered the beach. The sun was peeking through the clouds and because it was late afternoon, it cast a warm saturated glow, enhancing the Caribbean waters and white sanded beach. I was taking photo’s and Brian asked us to dip our toes one last time in the waters. We stepped ankle deep into the waters. Suddenly, Brian got down on one knee, and that’s when I knew it would happen. Ofcourse I got super excited – which only aggravated my stomach, making it rumble even more. As Brian went through his romantic proposal, my stomach kept on getting worse! He asked if I would marry him, and I said YES! And immediately after my stomach let out a loud gurgle. We both laughed, and I said I had to run to the bathroom (so embarrassing!). Afterwards, I got full on food poisoning, making travelling home un-fun. But once I recovered we finally got to celebrate with a champagne toast!