Tera and Israel

How We Met

We have known each other for a while, we were friends through mutual friends. I had been in a long unhealthy relationship and Israel was a way to escape from the mess every time we spoke. We started snap chatting a lot and eventually had movie nights together. We went on our first official outing together on his birthday and became inseparable since that day. Israel is the man I always dreamed of and so much more.

How They Asked

We had planned to run away to Vegas and have a small private ceremony. The coronavirus ruined it for us. Israel planned a trip to the beach I spent every weekend on as a child. He invited my sister and nephew my two daughters and our puppy.

We spent the whole day playing in the water, Israel asked for us to take a walk. While my sister played the song we had chosen to dance to in Vegas. Israel got on one knee with a ring similar to my Grammys. It was simply perfect!

Special Thanks

Fat Chris photography
 | Photographer