Tera and Greg

How We Met

Greg and I met while working at a restaurant.. he was a bartender and I was a hostess!! If you’ve worked in the restaurant industry you know that you and your co-workers are a tight knit little gang. We would stay after our shifts for a beer and to help out, talk about the day… and during the week we’d all go out to the bars together or to whatever was fun around town!! We were all super close!! Greg and I had medicine in common along with many other things. He had an undergrad in Pharmacology/Toxicology and was figuring out his next move and I was taking my pre-requisites before starting nursing school. Aside from him being super cute… I think it was the schooling and studies that brought us together… he would help me study if I needed any help with my classes and he always explained things in a way that I felt was made for me… When we started dating we kept it super low key because word travels fast in a restaurant!! It was funny because we would be at work and wouldn’t even talk to one another… it was kind of fun. Trying to keep it a secret. Once everyone eventually found it was just as fun, but a different kind. We were a team before people knew and we were an even better team once they found out.. there was something about us, there, together, looking back just makes me smile…

How They Asked

On March 11, 2020, we were traveling to Dublin, Ireland. I surprised Greg with the trip as a Christmas gift and we were so excited to be there during the St. Patrick’s day celebrations. Covid-19 was on the rise and the St. Patrick’s day parade was canceled only a handful of days before we left but our travels weren’t affected. We left Rochester airport and arrived in JFK. Getting ready to board our flight to Dublin, the President announced travel restrictions from Europe to the US. We didn’t even realize what was going on, all we knew was that there was a little chaos at our gate. We boarded our flight as 70 others did not due to the announcement. We weren’t sure if we should stay aboard or get off the flight.

Where to Propose in Dublin, Ireland

We stayed on the flight and waited two hours on the tarmac for the luggage of those not traveling to be removed. Finally, after waiting for the airline to finish with the luggage and questioning one another if we were making the right decision, we took off to beautiful Ireland!! At the airport, we soon realized our luggage was taken off with the others who chose not to fly. Come to find out, the airlines didn’t even have us accounted for on the flight! WHAT. A. DISASTER! I was so overwhelmed, I couldn’t help but cry! Greg assured me everything would be okay and the luggage was going to be delivered the next day.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dublin, Ireland

We left the airport and started our Irish Adventure. We got situated at the hotel with the belongings we did have and then went to The Brazen Head for our very first Irish beer and a delicious lunch. The people we so friendly! We then walked over to the Jameson Distillery to do a whiskey blending class. The class was amazing and afterward, we were taken into a room with casks full of whiskey for a “secret tasting.” After the class, we enjoyed an Irish Coffee at the distillery and soon found out from other customers that many of the places were closing for 30 days because of the virus. Although we had so many activities planned aside from visiting the soon to be closed Guinness Storehouse and Trinity College, I was devastated!

Tera's Proposal in Dublin, Ireland

I didn’t want Greg to know how disappointed I was, our trip was not supposed to go this way! After finishing our drinks we headed back to the hotel to come up with a game plan! When we got back to the hotel Greg asked if we could go to the little park next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral before the sunset. Our hotel was a 2-minute walk from the cathedral so away we went. When we had gotten there, I walked over to this little fountain.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dublin, Ireland

It wasn’t the type of fountain you make wishes in.. but I was going to make it one! I asked Greg if he had a quarter, I wanted to make a wish! He fumbled around in his pockets looking for a quarter.. he was taking forever!! Eventually, Greg came over to me and said “I know the last 24 hours haven’t been easy… but I know that if you and I can get through all of that, we can make it through anything. Will you marry me?” .. I didn’t end up getting a quarter! But I did get to say YES to my best friend!!