Tera and Brandon

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How We Met

November 30, 2012: I was living with a girlfriend at the time, a Bowling Green native, who convinced me to go to Double Dogs (a BG favorite) on a Friday night. It was the last football game of the regular season and Louisville was playing Rutgers, while UK was playing someone else (nobody cares). Double Dogs was packed mostly with UK fans, but we found a small table in the bar area with a great view of the Cards game. We ordered drinks and food and my roommate quickly found several friends and mingled all around the restaurant.

While I was left alone at the table, I was approached by the only other Louisville fan in the building. Brandon introduced himself and offered to buy me a drink. We quickly hit it off and found ourselves sharing several beers and lots of laughs. Together we cheered the Cards to a victory.

December 17, 2012: Brandon had been persistent in his pursuit, so I finally agreed to go out with him. We went to a Tennessee Titans game with a couple of friends, but it did not take long for us to forget there was anyone else around. I quickly realized I had been missing out on something special all this time.

We met up with a few of Brandon’s friends at Hooters after the football game and had an absolute blast. By the end of the night, Brandon was wearing my owl toboggan and I was falling hard.

December 31, 2012: The Louisville Cardinals were playing in the Sugar Bowl on January 2, so I had plans to drive to New Orleans and stay with some friends. My girlfriends and I were driving down to celebrate NYE, but did not have tickets to the game. Brandon and I had become quite fond of each other over the previous couple of weeks, so he jumped at the opportunity to buy tickets to the game in order to have an excuse to make the trip with me. He even left his family Christmas early in order to get the tickets!

We made the 8 hour car ride down to NoLa, which flew by since Brandon was being entertained by two of my best friends. We partied with thousands of Louisville fans on Bourbon St., including dozens of my friends from college. Brandon spent the evening impressing me with his flawless dance moves (which have not been seen since). He fit in seamlessly with my friends; with every introduction it became harder for me not to refer to him as my boyfriend.

When midnight struck, we shared a kiss and saw fireworks (literally). We both knew we had found something special. We enjoyed the rest of our trip including the Sugar Bowl victory and both wore smiles the entire drive home. New Orleans found a place in our hearts forever.

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how they asked

December 30, 2015: Brandon and I were working on building a house together in late 2014 into 2015, so NYE was spent laying hardwood floors (not so glamorous). With intention to make the next New Year special, Brandon decided to take me back to New Orleans to celebrate in the city where we fell in love 3 years prior. We made the trip down early on December 30 in order to watch the Cards game being played in Nashville. We found a spot downtown to watch the game and once again helped cheer our Cards to a bowl victory.

After the game we wondered around the streets of NoLa and enjoyed the scenery, still draped in Christmas lights. We reached a giant lit ornament in a quaint, quiet alley so Brandon insisted we have our picture taken inside the ornament. Once the photo was snapped, I turned to walk away until Brandon grabbed my hand and pulled me back, only to find him down on one knee.

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On New Year’s Eve eve after the Cards brought home the trophy, Brandon asked me to be his wife. Needless to say, the next night was an unforgettable NYE!

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