Tennielle and Lachlan

How We Met

We met just over 10 years ago, myself being only 14 years old, Lachie being only 15 years old. We were from different high schools so we were introduced through a mutual friend. Well, actually if you want the proper story, it was kind of funny in a way. I met his friend and asked him if he knew any “hot guys” and he answered with “well I don’t look at guys that way, but lots of girls think my mate Lachie is hot!” So I said right away “can I have his number please?” Basically just got straight to the point being my confident self and I’m glad I did as under 2 months after we first spoke, he asked me to go out with him. That moment will forever be stuck in my memory. It’s now been over 10 years together, from little teenagers to adults it’s really like a fairytale story.

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how they asked

Every year for our anniversary we plan surprises for each other. This year we had also planned to stay in Melbourne for the long weekend (as our anniversary always falls near the long weekend) Lachie suggested he would do his surprise when I arrived in the city, as he had already stayed there the night prior. Not thinking anything of it as we always do suprises, he picked me up, he asked me to borrow the bag I gave him his present in at the hotel to try and get me thinking about what my surprise might be, he then blindfolded me throughout the car trip. It felt like forever getting stuck in traffic. We arrived at the destination and I’m still blindfolded whilst sitting in the car, he went down to pay for our activity and also bought me a surprise that I later found out had been replaced with my ring in that bag he borrowed. But I didn’t know this as I was still blindfolded. Finally I’m let off, I can see again and we are walking down a hill, I’m trying to work out where we are but I’ve never seen this place before. Lachie said he would of liked me to be blindfolded the whole way down however it may of been a bit dangerous!! As we are walking I said “I’m a little bit cold” he then replied with “You can have my jacket later!” Now anyone who knows Lach would know that he would of offered his jacket straight away as he is quite a gentlemen and thinks of others. So from hearing that, I then thought hmm something’s a little bit suss. We get down to the boathouse and jump on our own row paddle boat. Might I add the first movie we watched together was The Notebook! This is where he got his inspiration from and then asked me “Do you feel like you’re on the notebook right now?” I’ve always wanted to be on a movie. Rowing away, Lach’s struggling a little bit and l’m enjoying being able to feed the ducks as that’s allowed. There was this cute bridge up ahead that we both wanted to get to, once we got there he said “I have your surprise for you” he gets the bag out and in it are one of my favourite things MACARONS! He now thinks I’ve tricked her!! She doesn’t know! People stand up on the bridge and take photos and then all of a sudden no one was up there and he saw that as he had been eyeing it off for ages like he was on edge or something. I then said “It’s nearly been half an hour, the time it took to row to this bridge means we should probably start heading back down the river!” He didn’t seem concerned which also was suss as for anyone who knows us as individuals we’re not really the rebellious type, if we are told 30 minutes we would feel horrible if it wasn’t 30 minutes. We can’t do the wrong thing. So then all of a sudden I hear him say “So this is very nerve wracking for me…” he kneels down (but as I’m already sitting so I don’t tip this boat over) I didn’t quite notice to start with, he was wearing that big jacket remember! He then starts singing MARRY ME – JASON DERULO whilst having tears in his eyes he got the ring out and I didn’t really believe to start with as we have been together such a long time. We talked about marriage throughout our relationship but had other goals first, so one part of the song I thought he was just saying that one day it’ll happen. Until he assured me it was legit! Let’s just get back to this singing thing right! I love singing and have been asking Lachie to sing with me our whole relationship, lets sing a duet I ask all the time, he always said one day one day one day. He’d been involved with the school choir at a young age but hadn’t sung properly since. So this was a massive thing for him! So please praise him! We then hopped off the boat, we went to the beach and he then took me on the Melbourne Star. Followed by what we had originally already planned which was out for a meal at Crown and to hit the entertainment to then now celebrate! :)

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