Tenia and Hasan

Tenia's Proposal in Vanderbilt's football field

How We Met

My now fiancé and I had a mutual friend that played football with him at Vanderbilt, so we’ve been friends on facebook for a few years but never met or talked other than his birthday posts on my wall. One night, we were both at church, and I sat behind him, and he just kept talking to me. Then when I saw him at church again a few days later, we were talking about our mutual friend getting married and someone asked who we were talking about. He said, “We’re getting married. I proposed.” I’m not sure how he knew so soon that we’d get married but a couple months later, on the night of June 7, he wanted to show me around Vanderbilt, and we had our first kiss on Vanderbilt’s football field and were in love before we knew it. During our first year, we both had graduations, new jobs and opportunities, and lots of growth.

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Tenia and Hasan's Engagement in Vanderbilt's football field

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how they asked

June 7, 2017, exactly one year after that kiss, he took me to that same spot on Vanderbilt’s football field and proposed. We were recreating that first night we went there and planning to celebrate our anniversary, and I had a feeling he’d propose. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, so I was still surprised when he did it. He had a couple friends there to record and take pictures during and after. I was so happy that I cried and just kept looking at the pictures and my ring. It was like a dream, and I can’t even remember exactly what all he said, but I know I said yes. My first year with him has been the best of my life, so I can’t wait for the time to come.