Tengku and Salleh

How We Met

When I first met him, I felt like I had known him forever. That is a rare thing. Who would have thought, we would become more than a friend. I couldn’t thank him enough for everything he has done and been doing for me. I had never actually been speechless. I cried. And that is how my happily ever after began

how they asked

It was a typical Friday night having dinner, movie and etc. However, he mentioned that he had made a reservation for dinner. So dinner it is. Put my sweat pant as well as t-shirt on. He then drove me to a boutique hotel nearby. I was not expecting anything fancy as I was in my sweat pants so any food will do. When we arrived, we sat down and have dinner as usual. While having dinner, I was not even allowed to go to the rest room. “Apparently, the rest room is right next to the surprise”. So I thought lets just wait till dinner is over then. Hence, once we are done, he mentioned that the hotel employee will bring us around as the hotel has just been refurbished. They showed us to the first room, and when we proceed to the supposedly next room. TADA the surprise.