Tenesha and Courtney

How We Met

Courtney an I meet at The University of Alabama fall of 2009. It was homecoming week at UA and he was leaving Reese Phifer hall and I was leaving Doster hall. He approached me and extended an invite to his fraternity party. He asked how could hereach me, I gave him my Facebook information and he wrote his number in my text book.

how they asked

On Friday October 13, 2017, Courtney an I celebrated out 8 year anniversary. We started our night at the Louis Vuitton store where I received a new Speedy 40 bag. Our next stop was dinner at STK (the same restaurant he took me 4 years ago). We had dinner and later headed home. We arrived home around 10:45 pm and I stayed in the car about 5 minutes longer than Courtney. He ask me could I get my bag out the trunk and bring it in the house. After 5 minutes, I enter my home to find Courtney on one knee an my closest family and friends surrounding him. It was the most beautiful moment. There was a photographer an videography filming and capturing the entire moment.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Jeffrey Mile
 | Photographer
Richard Walker
 | Planning