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How We Met

I’ve known Tela basically all my life from a young age. We’ve been friends for a long time and I honestly can’t remember our first time meeting since we were so young lol.

Tela is my best friend and would do ANYTHING just to make her smile! On our first date I left a new iPad at her door with flowers and a note that said play me. On the iPad it had a video I made giving instructions for a fun SCAVENGER HUNT!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Wichita Falls TX

how they asked

So when I decided to propose I knew I had to top that. So I had my family invite her to go with them to a local lake area on a nice Sunday afternoon.

Tela's Proposal in Wichita Falls TX

When they got there she found an iPad with a note saying play me. On the iPad there was a video telling her how much I care about her and me asking her to marry me, in my own goofy way of course.?At the end of the video it’s showed me on my bike on my way to meet her. When she finished the video I arrived on my bike just like in the video to ask her in person to marry me. She said yes making it one of the best days of my life!”

Our Video


I just asked My BEST FRIEND to Marry me😍😍😍

Posted by OLD PAGE on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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Filmed.Were my personal minions.
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