Teketa and Marcus

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How We Met

Marcus and I met online around 2007. It started with just a simple “hello” and Marcus giving me his number. I saved his number but never reached out to him. Conversation was always short and online with just “hey, how are you?” As months went by Marcus felt that I wasn’t interested in him so he stop communicating with me online. Almost a year has gone by. I still had Marcus number and decided to text him one night. Of course he didn’t know it was me because I never gave him my number but was a complete shock for the both of us, since it did take a year to put his number to use. Through a week of communicating on the phone we learned we stayed less than ten minutes away from each other. We continued to talk and learn more about each other and arranged a day to met face to face. We went on a few dates and made it official September 14, 2008. Our relationship grew for many years from celebrating birthday’s, holiday’s, going on dates and meeting each others family.

Marcus helped me in pursuing my education in becoming a nail technician. September 2013 Marcus and I went on our first vacation to Las Vegas to celebrate being together for five years. October 2013 we learned that we were expecting our first child. February 14, 2014 the gender was revealed, we were having a baby girl. June 20, 2014 baby Trinity was born. Our love grew even stronger for each other since becoming parents. September 2015 Marcus and I went on our second trip to Las Vegas to celebrate being together for seven years.

how they asked

For a few years Marcus always asked me what would be my dream wedding and proposal. I just wanted that moment captured through video and photos if my close family and friends can’t be there and also make sure my nails are done.

We scheduled to have our second set of family photos taken May 4, 2016. Towards the end of our photo shoot our photographer (Jessica) wanted to get more photos of Marcus and I.

Teketa's Proposal in Heritage Park

Teketa and Marcus's Engagement in Heritage Park

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As we prepared for the photo, Marcus grabbed my hands and told me to look at him and he asked; “Keta, do you really love me?” (confusion on my face to that question) I replied “Yes babe I do.” Well kiss me then said Marcus. (We kissed) As I tried to turn back to face our photographer. Marcus was getting down on one knee and had the ring out asking me to marry him. I was in complete shock all I could do was smile, laugh and say YES!!!!!! My face was hurting due to the smiling and laughing.

This milestone was captured through video/photos, our daughter was there and my nails were done! After eight years of building love, trust, growing and learning together. WE ARE GETTING MARRIED, we still give each other butterflies and always falling more in love.

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