Tejas and Shivangi

how we met

Tejas: Shivangi and I met through our mutual friends who were dating at the time. I had a good relationship with her best friend who was dating my best friend. I’d tell her how I hated being single and couldn’t wait to be in a relationship again! She and I made a plan to meet in Chicago as a regular friends trip…but she told me she’d also be “bringing along her bestie, Shivangi.” Of course, I immediately Facebook’ed her, and thought to myself….”Yeap, she’s the one!” At the time I lived in Omaha, Nebraska and Shiv lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. We all meet in Chicago, and I got the chance to introduce myself – “Hey, my name’s Tejas”…only to find out throughout the night that I wouldn’t get the time of day from her! I thought that would be the end of it and I’d just move on to the next one. Fast forward a year, still single. Shivangi’s friend text’s me saying she’s coming back to Omaha for her cousin’s wedding, “and I’m bringing Shivangi!” Only fate would give me 2 changes right? So I do everything I possibly can to make sure she enjoys her time here, doesn’t feel lonely, etc. So I volunteered to show her around and take her out! There are 168 hours in a week…..I spent about 140 with her. Shivangi being oblivious doesn’t realize I was interested in her, and after the wedding weekend was over, back to Indiana she went. She texts me about 2 hours later – that’s when I first thought we hit it off! We started doing the typical high school flirting by teasing each other and calling each other names (I started calling her Hathi, which means elephant in Gujuarati), shared our favorite everything’s (One of which was the movie “Never Back Down” – but we’ll get to that later). We started spending the next few weeks saying good morning and good night, checking the phones and smiling when she popped up. But thing began to kind of fizzle out. I thought I blew my chance again, so this time I just said okay I’m going to move on for real. I started talking to other girls, getting out of my comfort zone, and even made plans to take a trip with a girl I thought I liked. But of course, 2 days before leaving, I get a text message on my phone from…”Hathi”. I opened the text which read “OMGGGG THEY TOOK NEVER BACK DOWN OFF OF NETFLIX!!!!!!!” – My immediate reaction to that………..I dropped everything and changed my weekend plans to take a road trip to Indy….I texted Shiv back and made plans to see her and her friend instead. At that point, this would be my third chance to make something out of this. But of course, I never verbally told shiv how I felt. If it wasn’t for my brother and sister-in-law approaching her before the end of the night and, Shiv wouldn’t have found out that weekend that I was into her, and we probably wouldn’t have gotten together.
Shiv: Even though Tejas does a FANTASTIC job of telling his side of the story, here is mine. I was a senior in college when I first met Tejas. I was in a period in my life where I was applying for graduate school and figuring out my career path in medicine. I wasn’t quite ready for a relationship at that point in time. My best friend was dating a guy and they wanted to meet in Chicago for a fun weekend. She asked me to join and I did not hesitate! As I was meeting her boyfriend at the time and her friends, I opened a door of a hotel room and saw this guy shirtless with just a towel on just minding his own business…and it was the first time I had met Tejas, half-naked HAHA. But it was a fun weekend in Chicago with some old friends and new friends. The second time Tejas and I met was at my friend’s cousin’s wedding in Omaha. I knew my friend was busy with helping her family so Tejas had offered to give me company for the weekend. Little did I expect, I HAD A BLAST! I spent every minute with him, his brother, and his sister-in-law. Although I loved hanging out with Tejas, I just wasn’t quite ready for anything serious or even thinking close to it. We kept talking after the wedding but we drifted because we both got busy with our lives. But I came across a movie on Netflix that instantly made me think of Tejas. And a huge smile came across my face. And I said OMG I need to text him “NEVER BACK DOWN IS OFF OF NETFLIX”! So I did, and the rest is history :D

how they asked

Tejas: Just to provide some context: Shivangi lives in Chicago, IL. I live in Dallas, Tx. Her closest friends either live in downtown Chicago….or scattered across the country. At the time I had decided to propose, a few things had been happening. Shiv was studying for one of her biggest exams, and Sam (one of her close friends) had started a new career venture (which he’d asked Shiv for assistance in picking up a few shifts), both of which play part in this story. I started planning this a few months before the big day. I remembered Shiv telling me how she had imagined being asked, and knew some of the most important things to her was to have her closest friends and family with us. However the most important thing she had told me was….”I DON’T WANT TO BE IN THE AIR…AND I DON’T WANT TO BE IN THE WATER….I want to be on LAND! Hahaha!” But I wanted to mix in what I always said I’d do too…Every time we’d talk about getting married, were asked when we would get married, or talk about it with friends, we naturally started talking about the ring. To which my response was always “YOU’RE GETTING A RING POP!” I had said it so many times, that it only made sense to figure out a way to get it done. Of course I didn’t want her to actually be proposed to with candy…so I got started my goose hunt to get one custom made. I had to make sure it could encase the ring, but still be the same size as the rind pop would be! Once I found it, the planning started to snowball into effect. We never really talked about wanting anything super lavish. We love our memories and reminisce a lot…So I chose to do it where it all started! Throughout planning, I had to coordinate with Shiv’s exam schedule, the distance between us, flights, venues, and friends and family traveling from various places. Naturally the only way I could pull this together was to have someone by Shiv’s side, planting seeds and guiding her thoughts. :D So Ronak, Rinum, Sam, and Charmi helped me puppeteer a story – “Sam’s medical network was throwing a Med-Gala, and it would be a great networking opportunity for Shiv.” But of course that would mean fancy dresses, make up, hair, and nails done, and of course a cocktail party at a fancy hotel before the Gala. I asked Sam to deliver the message and make it sound like an important career opportunity. I asked Charmi to take her out for a girls day the day of the proposal to keep Shiv completely distracted I even sourced ideas on dresses to buy her for the event, from many of her friends. Over the course of the next month, she would tell me that she was excited and nervous. I could feel she was anxious for the “event.” All the pieces were in play, I even had several dresses ready for Shiv to choose from. It was finally ready to go! Me, Ronak and Rinum flew to Chicago the night before to make sure things were in order, and of course get as many of the nerves out of the way. I called London House, Tao, Sunda, Maura and confirmed all the reservations! The next day, Shiv and Charmi were set out to have their “girls day” to get glammed up before meeting Sam at the “cocktail party”. Sam and Charmi bring her to London House, where they’d be escorted directly to the rooftop for the cocktail party. After getting out of the elevator, Sam and Charmi “hung back” and Manny brought Shiv into the Cupola, where I completely surprised her! Shivangi: So I had no idea the proposal was happening! If you haven’t noticed from the previous stories, I am a bit oblivious haha. Because I was in the third year of my medical school rotations, my schedule is quite hectic. My good college friends (Sam and Charmi) had told me two months in advance there was a medical community gala on evening of July 13th. They had told me that the gala was a fantastic opportunity to network with people in the medical field. I was ECSTATIC to get this opportunity! So I went ahead and penciled it into my schedule. As time went by, my friends had sent me multiple small messages to verify my presence at the gala and my “dietary preferences.” So I was all in and getting myself prepared to meet people in the medical community. Honestly, I started to become quite terrified because I needed to prepare well. So I would blow up my friend’s phones with questions on what to wear, what to say, what to research. My friend Charmi even took me shopping to help me pick out an appropriate formal gala outfit. A week before the event, Charmi and I decided that we would make it a girl’s morning the day of the “proposal”. We would go to a boozy brunch in the morning and nail care before the evening hit. When Sam, Charmi and I were ready to go we went to Flight Club just to grab a drink and relax a little. Next on the agenda was to stop by London House to grab a drink at the rooftop before we headed to gala. Unexpectedly when we had arrived we had gone straight to the elevators. I had even questioned Sam, “Hey why are we not in line. It’s a busy Saturday, there is no way you got a reserved table.” Sam stated “Don’t worry I booked these tables a few weeks ago and got lucky.” So I didn’t hesitate and proceeded to the elevator. As we arrived to the top floor, a gentleman was standing at the open elevators. While I looked down, I saw flowers on the ground and though “Aw flowers, that is such a cute idea. I wonder which special lady is getting this surprise.” Like I said…oblivious! Sam and Charmi stayed behind in the elevator and I was escorted to the cupola. There is saw my handsome Tejas waiting for me!

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