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Teja and Dejon's Engagement in Puerto Vallarta

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We are both from Oakland, Ca and grew up in the same city on different sides. We were never friends, but new of each other because of the mutual friends that eventually would be the reason our relationship jump started. Fast forward to 2010, he came from DC to Los Angeles to visit those mutual friends ( that I was in college with) for spring break and we accidentally went on our first date to The Habit in Northridge. From long distance to right in each other faces, long distance relationships to moving into our first apartment, We have spent all of our 20’s together still able to live and attend every concert and board a flight for an extravagant trip.

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We had been to Hotel Mousai the previous year (2017) for an unexpected extremely romantic trip for my birthday 11/21. While there Dejon started plotting on how to propose to me and convince me it was a place we should go back to since we had such a great time. I had a rule to not travel to the same places twice but this place blew me out of the water! Back home he reminded me often we should do a big group trip with all of our friends and invite everyone to have the last trip before the summer ended. We rounded up our friends but only 2 ended up coming, in the plans, we had already mentioned a nice group beach dinner, so it was no surprise to me that this was our Saturday night plan in Mexico that weekend.

As I walk up to the set up it was a beautiful beach dinner with 2 bottles of Moet which I thought was a whoo hoo since I love champagne! What nice setup. Everything was completely normal, but I noticed he was barely eating his food, thought maybe he wasn’t that hungry. Fast forward he breaks off into a speech directed at his best friend that came to the trip with his girlfriend(who is also very close to each of us with separate relationship), as I chime in showing my love for him as well, Dejon kind of looks at me like “let me finish.” He then turns to me and starts telling me all these amazing uplifting things about myself and how I’ve helped him grow and the woman I have become today. In my mind im thinking, “This is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, why is he doing this.” Completely oblivious to the cameras recording or the perfect backdrop to a proposal of a lifetime. I start immediately crying once he stood up and I realized what was happening. I couldn’t believe the executing and detail he put into asking me a question he already knew the answer too.

Pre Story to the ring- Dejon flew all the way to Oakland to hand pick out my diamond and create my dream ring with his parents. While also swinging over to my dad’s house to ask him in person for his blessing to propose. All while telling me he flew home for his younger sister performance! No one ever said a peep, practically our entire hometown knew we were getting engaged that Saturday in Mexico.

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