Tej and Laura

How We Met

We met on the Caribbean island of Grenada where we were both in medical school. Funny enough, we lived right next door to each other for 6 months before we ever met. We basically decided we wanted to marry each other after about date 3 and told each other.

Tej first met my family when we were in Grenada and I was hospitalized for a lung infection. Our story is hilariously similar to the new movie “The Big Sick” :) Tej grew up in India and he will be the first person not to have an arranged marriage and the first person to marry outside of their ethnicity. This made telling his parents especially nerve-racking, but also incredibly romantic from my perspective. They are lovely people and have accepted me completely into their family.

how they asked

Before he ever got a ring or got down on one knee, we talked a lot about a future together. We had been together less than a year and were sitting outside together when he very simply said, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, do you want to do that?” I laughed and said of course.

When he (officially) proposed he was super nervous and actually left me in line at a trendy dessert place to run back to our apartment. On the rooftop, he was coordinating a set up with some of our friends. I arrived back at our building confused but very suspicious and found him on the rooftop kneeling in the center of a heart of rose petals with our song playing and he asked me to marry him and I said yes as fast as I could!”

I loved the idea of looking really fancy against the industrial background of the bridge and it’s kind of iconic for Brooklyn. But, more than that, it was that Tej and I are med students. We work in the hospital often wearing scrubs and working long hours and our weekends are usually more about studying than lavish date nights. So I loved the idea of spending a night feeling like fancy grown-ups in our own little fairy tale. The whole experience was the first time I felt like a bride! It was really amazing, and now having the pictures I would recommend to anyone to do something a little extra special for these pictures.

Special Thanks

Sara Kauss Photography