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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sulphur Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park, Canada

How We Met

Todd and I met 10 years ago at my best friend’s wedding. Who also happens to be Todd’s cousin. Looking back on that week in Holbox, Mexico I 100% knew that Todd was my person. The feelings I had for him from the moment we met were unlike any feeling I’ve had since. We were both living in Southern CA at the time and we started dating a few months after the wedding, just as I was starting Firefly actually. We dated off and on for a few years and broke up shortly before I moved to NY in 2011. We were young and still had so much to figure out.

Over the years I saw Todd off and on at my best friend’s family functions, etc. Every time I saw him I thought my heart was going to explode. So much so that I wrote him a series of letters over the years about how I thought we were meant to be together. Six letters to be exact. Written but never sent. They sat in a box. Stamped, addressed, and sealed. I saved them thinking that maybe one day I would be brave enough to pop them all in the mail.

Fast forward to May of 2017.

I was living in London with Todd’s cousin/my best friend while working on a big project out there and decided to spend the weekend snowboarding in Zermatt, Switzerland. On the beautiful train ride through the mountains, I wrote Todd the last of the letters in which I told him that I was pretty sure he was my person. Even after all these years. The letter was stamped, addressed, and sealed and tucked into my computer bag. When I returned to London Todd’s sister Maggie was at the house (she is obviously my best friend’s cousin as well). We got to chatting and she mentioned that Todd was single. I knew then that I had to find out once and for all if he really was my person. Shortly after my conversation with Maggie, I decided to call Todd. My friends persuaded me not to send my sappy love letters, but instead to just give him a call. Thankfully he answered!

We talked for about an hour. Catching up on the last few years. Just as we were about to hang up I awkwardly stumbled through a few sentences about how I thought of him often and always wondered if he was my person. I’ll never forget what his response was. He said, “Teiss, my feelings for you have never changed”. Up until our proposal, I think that was the fullest my heart has ever felt.

A few weeks later I was in LA for work and we met up for dinner. I knew walking into dinner that I would feel one of two things: 1. OMG, I made a mistake, and this is so not right. or 2. He is 100%, my person! It was definitely the latter. And 8 months later I moved from NYC to Laguna Beach to start a life with Todd. Our life together in Laguna has been nothing short of a dream come true and on September 13th at the top of a snowy mountain in Jasper National Park Todd proposed!

how they asked

Todd and I were in Canada with some of his best friends for a week of camping and hiking. He has this amazing group of friends and several times a year they get together for what is called SYB. Which stands for “sacrifice your body” ?. Usually, SYB is a week-long adventure at Todd’s family lake home in NH that involves lots of water sports and crazy physical challenges. This SYB adventure was a week of camping and exploring Canada’s national parks. We started in Lake Louise where I scouted some awesome wedding venues ? #workworkworkworkwork, then headed to Jasper and ended in Banff. The trip was magical to begin with but was made even more epic and life-changing by Todd’s super surprise proposal. I had NO idea! So much so that I had a mouth full of PB&J as he knelt down on one knee.

He had somehow out-planned the wedding planner! I was shocked. Turns out the week before he proposed he had flown to Santa Fe, NM (where I grew up) to ask my parents for their blessing. I was doing a wedding in Jackson Hole, WY at the time and had ZERO ideas! He had also worked in secret with one of my besties who runs Loli Events and my dear friend Susie Saltzman who is a ring designer to design the most beautiful, perfect ring I could ever imagine!! He then somehow got the giant ring box all the way to Canada without me knowing. Once there he handed it off to his best friend Andrew who kept it in the first-aid-kit and brought it on every hike. Just waiting for Todd to find the right moment.

The right moment came at the end of a beautiful snowy hike up Sulphur Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park. Todd was intent on summiting this mountain, but the snow was too deep, and the visibility was quickly diminishing. I was confused by Todd’s grumpster attitude about making it to the top (lol!) and convinced him that we should have our snack down at a clearing with the rest of his friends who had vetoed the idea of continuing to the summit. He reluctantly turned around and we headed back to the clearing. I learned later that he wanted so badly to propose at the top of a mountain but settled for the “almost top”. We got back to the clearing and I quickly pulled out my PB&J. So hungry!! A few minutes later Todd asked me to take a picture with him. Little did I know that while I was enjoying my PB&J Andrew had pulled the ring out of the first-aid kit and handed it off to Todd. Right as we started taking a picture Todd got down on one knee. I was so confused! At first, I thought he wanted me to get down on the ground with him for a photo. HAHAHA! But I quickly realized what was going on and tried desperately to swallow my mouth full of peanut butter.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sulphur Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park, Canada

As a wedding planner, I always imagined what it would feel like to get engaged, but nothing could prepare me for the joy I felt in that moment. I really didn’t know I could experience that much happiness! With a mouth full of peanut butter, I said yes with ALL my heat. I love Todd so much and I’m SO excited to marry him!

Stay tuned for our very own Firefly wedding!

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