Teisha and Lachlan

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How We Met

Lachlan and I officially met for the first time when he handed in his resume to me when I was working at the Till ! It was truly fate because at the time I was only working one shift a week. Lucky for me, he managed to land the job and we became friends from there. We ended up being friends for 1.5 years before we started dating.

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How They Asked

Lachlan planted a story months before the proposal for the perfect alibi. He told me that this chef, who is one of his favorites, was doing exclusive pop-up dinners throughout the latter half of the year and he was going to try and get a booking. These events were extremely exclusive, being randomly posted on an Instagram story and being sold out almost instantly. After multiple attempts of trying to get us a booking, Lachlan managed to finally get one, even sending me a screenshot of the booking confirmation screen. Little did I know that this whole thing was made up!

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We ended up going to this beautiful location for what I thought would be a dinner and instead it turned into our proposal. He also organized for a professional photographer to capture the engagement, as well as for photos taken afterward which we will cherish forever. Funnily enough, due to unique circumstances, I ended up meeting the chef that Lachlan used for his story and got to tell him about it.

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Special Thanks

My Proposal Co.
 | Planning
My Proposal Co.
 | Stylist
Studio Barakat
 | Photographer